What actually is Android User Interface (UI)?


Have you ever compared the way they look, in between two different apps? Ah wait, no need for comparison, have you ever felt like some particular app looking good? For example, I prefer Chrome browser most of the times, although Firefox is also a good one with similar functionalities. User Interface is the reason here, providing a good sense to my eyes.

The user interface is what we see on the screen. Every operating system has a User Interface. All the menu’s, windows, navigators..etc. Every thing that displays on the screen, providing the interaction with the user, counts as a user interface. Similarly, App interface is what that particular app shows you on the screen.

Custom User Interface (UI):

Many OEM manufacturers modify and create their own user interface to differentiate themselves from other manufacturers. But still, Users cannot change the every part of the Android User Interface. For Instance, Android doesn’t allow the Users to directly modify the look of the notification panels and Navigations bars. Remaining things like Home screen, apps drawer can be changed using several third party apps available on the play store. As for now, the Best way to change the look our device is by using the different Android launchers. Users can choose from the various launchers available on the playstore.

The modification of UI by manufacturers is not actually a bad thing, but it may comprise on the performance to some extent if it was not properly optimized. The Good thing they provide is the Customizations! By Themes. If you observe the Redmi’s MIUI/UI of the Sony’s devices, They provide an option for users to chose between the several themes. Till now, up to Nougat; Android natively lacks the support for themes on the Stock Android. Because Google intendedly made the stock Android with a clean looking interface for the smooth and cluttered free experience. Still, Google may add the support for themes in their upcoming versions of Android.

Still not satisfied? And want to know how to change the complete look of your Android? Yeah, you can still do that by installing suitable custom ROMs on the device. You can do that by Unlocking and getting root access for your device, which voids the device warranty.



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