Upcoming and Future Smartphone trends that are going to be dominant


The evolution of Smartphones is a long journey. These pocket-friendly devices are astonishing everyone out there, providing exceptional possibilities and simplifying our daily tasks. Unknowingly, they have become a part of our lives, and manufacturers are timely upgrading them in every possible way. Users upgrade their Smartphone atleast once in two years on Average.   Here, we are providing to with the present and future Smartphone trends users should have an eye on.

Present Smartphone trends, every user must consider while upgrading their Old Smartphone

1. Virtual Assistants:

Virtual assistants will make your device intelligent and makes your handling easier. The more you use it, the more it will get habituated to you revamping itself. So, make sure our next smartphone to have one from Google Assistant, Siri, Cortana, Alexa.

2.Finger Print Scanners:

Just a Finger touch to Unlock the device. Earlier, Fingerprint sensors are limited to Flagships. But, after the mass production of Finger print sensors began, their costs are much reduced. So the results are clear, FPS are now featured in Budget Smartphone too.

3. Dual Cameras:

Dual camera phones feature use two rear/front cameras. The primary sensor captures the image, and the secondary sensor (Monochrome /Telephoto lens) will enhance the clarity of the picture, capturing the depth of field. They combinedly lift the Smartphone Camera performance providing  Exceptional images with Bokeh effect and Optical Zooming without Quality loss.

4. USB C-type & Fast Charging:

Major Manufacturers like Samsung (also Huwaei & Lenovo) has already accepted this change to USB C-type with Samsung S8. Soon, USB C-type ports will ultimately replace the present and outdated USB Charging Ports. This shift is absolutely necessary for faster and secure data transfer rates between the devices. They also have an edge in the form of faster charging.

All the aforementioned features are now available in many smartphones starting from Budget range. May not be all, but make sure some these are present while upgrading your Old Smartphone. Also remember, Not only the features But also Smartphone brand and after sales service is also important. So, Users can skip one or two features for a better smartphone company.

Dominant-future Smartphone trends

1. AMOLED/OLED Displays: Dark and Stunning Looks

AMOLED Displays offers more vibrant color while making the display to look stunning. But, these are limited to few Upper mid-range devices due to availability and high-cost. Samsung is working hard to reduce the Manufacturing Cost of AMOLED Screens by ramping their Production. These may replace the LCD screens, becoming more common in every price range. Apple is also trying to make a shift to OLED displays with its upcoming Iphone 8.

2. Water and Dust Resistance: Play with it anywhere

This is not a new feature, it partially existed 2-3 years backs. But, the smartphone manufacturer took some time to make the devices completely water and dust resistance. Recently, Many Flagship and Smartwatches took the route of Water and Dust Resistant. This feature may expand to other price segments in coming days.

3. Thin Bezels/Bezel-less screens: Minimal Bezels

Bezels play a significant role in aesthetics of smartphone and fingerprint sensors are no more separate, they going to be embedded under the display. Foldable screens are also expected to make a debut by next year, probably in more premium segment by Lenovo & Samsung.

4. Iris Scanners with eye tracking technology: Not even a Finger, Just a look

You can unlock the phone with a blink of your eye. These can also serve as an extra layer of security for your online payments. The eye tracking tech tracks the movement of your eye and slides the pages without even a touch. Further, this is expected to be revamped in a way to control your whole smartphone with simple eye gesture.

5. Wireless rapid charging: Wireless Charging + Fast Charging

We are in the third generation of wireless Qi charging. Till the date, wireless charging provides only power input of 1A. These standards are expected to be raised to 10w or 15w rapid charging.

6. Lesser denser and powerful Batteries: Slimmer and Lighter

Battery life is the most important aspect for any smartphone user. The research resulted from MIT have made a lithium-metal battery, doubling the battery power of smartphones for same size resulting in lesser density. Soon, these are expected to be fuelled in all consumer electronics starting from next year or so.

All these above-mentioned features are already available, But they are limited to flagship/High-end devices. In Coming 2 years these features are expected to play a dominant role in every price segment as How LCD displays, Dual Cameras, Fingerprint Scanner are trending now. Till then, they will be unique to Flagships. If you feel like missing out on any major features, please comment below, and we will surely update the article.


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