Top 10 Best Xposed Modules for Nougat [Android 7.0/7.1.x]

Top 10 Best Xposed Modules for Nougat [Android 7.1.x/7.0]
Top 10 Best Xposed Modules for Nougat [Android 7.1.x/7.0]

It’s been awhile since Nougat officially got its sweet thing inform of Xposed. It took almost one year for the release of Official Xposed Framework for Nougat 7.0/7.1. This is longest ever wait for official Xposed to be released. To further to save some time on your part, we brought in 10 best Xposed modules for Nougat 7.0/7.1. Though the Xposed Framework only available for 7.0 & 7.1, it will also work on Nougat 7.1.2 and the same applies to the Xposed modules.

Android Nougat offered huge improvements when compared to its previous version Marshmallow. With Improved security features like secure boot, This also lead to delay in the development of Xposed Framework for Nougat running devices. 

Xposed Modules are extensions and will add several add-ons by hooking to the system files. For example, You can block Ads on youtube App using a module. Similarly, A module to fake GPS. And another one to save battery and list continues to more than 1000 extensions. Here, find our list of Top 10 & Best Xposed modules working on Android Nougat.The modules mentioned below are fully functional for All Android Nougat running devices.

All you need is working Xposed Framework & Xposed Installer App on the device. If they are  not yet installed, then follow our detailed on how to Install Xposed Framework on Android Nougat [7.0/7.1]

The Best Xposed Modules for Nougat [7.0/7.1.x]

#1. Gravity Box[N]

Gravity Box needs no introduction to a Xposed user and it can the best Xposed module for Any Android version. If you are a beginner you should know about and experience it. Gravity Box brings all the status bar, notification bar and other UI tweaks from all Custom ROMs. It makes changing of Custom ROMs an Old story.

Using Gravity Box, one can add pie launcher shortcuts & app sidebar for instant access to your favourite apps. It offers you to tweak almost any aspect of ROM like changing the style of the Navigation bar, modifying and colouring the user interface, lock screen options and more enough keep with busy with the customizing look of your phone.

#2. Youtube Ad Away:

I think Youtube Ad Away needs no much explanation. From the implication of its name, It simply blocks the Ads directly on Official Youtube App. Users must need to stay up to date with the module to work. As I suggest not to update the youtube App until module update is available. Similar to this, there are also Twitter Ad block, Tumblr Ad Away.

#3. Awesome Pop-up Video

Ah! PIP (Picture in Picture) is a new and trending feature of Android Oreo. If you are aware, it recently made its debut with Oreo. But Xposed users are enjoying it from a year or more in form of Awesome Pop-up Video Xposed module.

As you are still on Nougat, you can get this Oreo feature beforehand. Using this extension, you play Videos in a tiny pop up after even leaving the App. The best thing here is, the pop-up window works system-wide for any video streaming service. It is a must try, if you are a lot of Online streamers or Multi-tasker.

Download Awesome pop-up player

#4. LockScreen Widgets:

Its normal to change Lockscreen wallpapers and look. How about adding quick lock screen widgets for easy access. You can that do with the Lockscreen widgets Xposed module. You can add your frequently using widgets directly on the lock screen. But as there is only one lock screen available (Unlike multiple home screens), you can only use a couple of widgets at a time.

#5. Boot manager

Boot manager is one essential & best module to control your device boot up.  It works will lower android versions as well and working fine with Nougat. Boot manager reduces the boot time of the device by restricting selected Apps from the startup. Users could select/deselect the apps depending on whether to start or do not start right after you boot the phone.

We download a lot of third-party social networking or utility Apps and they take up on the load on system startup. Such Apps can disabled and you can see performance improvement during the bootup.

BootManager Download

#6. All Trans:

The All Trans one best Xposed module lets you translate the languages, but what’s special here? Suppose you have installed a Chinese app and want it in English, then All-trans can easily do that. It is normal translate web pages, But this allows you can translate the App itself. Amazing right? Just configure the App in the module and you are ready to go.

#7. Adblocker Reborn:

Rooted users always have an advantage of blocking system-wide Ads on their Android devices. The Adblocker Reborn brings the Ad blocking feature with a much simpler module. It allows you block the banner and video Ads you see while using any Ad-enabled Android apps. A must try if you don’t like the constant Ads on your screen.

#8. Xstana

Xstana let you to uniquely customize both status and Navigation bar of your Android Phone. Using it, you can personalize the placement and look of the status bar icons and soft keys of the on-screen navigation bar as you want.

For Example, you can mimic/ colour the status bar icons to look similar to those of iPhone (iOS). For navigation bar, there is a huge list of custom buttons matching those in popular ROMs, your favourite hero symbols or few famous logo around the world. If you like having a unique status/Nav bar, then this Xposed Module is definite try.

Xstana – Navbars & Statusbars Download

#9. Whatsapp Extensions:

It’s social networking time! Whatsapp some missing features like its ability to hide or protect private chats, theme engine to decorate and also remainder options to remind of replies. Not to worry! Whatsapp extensions can do those and it is not the end.

Whatsapp extensions will also let you customize a theme for each and every contact, adds a feature to a launch a WhatsApp call directly from the phone dialer, hide receipts & last seen specifically from selected contacts, highlight selected chats, protect chats with a passcode and many other UI tweaks. All these works on official WhatsApp App and you can Goodbye to those partly unsecured WhatsApp Mods like GBWhatsapp.

#10. Tweeks for Twitters:

Xposed modules can also help you with Adding features to social Apps. The tweeks module Adds additional features to twitter official App like 280 character support. It also brings in tweet storm feature that let you post multiple tweets without leaving the tweet to compose screen after one tweet. This feature is very helpful if you tweet a lot on your favourite fan pages.

Similar, to this, there also a module which supports to download images and videos from Instagram. In case you need, its name is Instagram Downloader.

These are best Xposed modules on Nougat, everyone must try. Every module has its own use and freedom. So it so easy part on our side to pick the Ten best Xposed modules from more than 1000 available ones. Yet we did our best, to get the things right. For any suggestions or additions, please comment below.


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