Top 10 Best Music Downloader Apps to Stream & Listen Offline [2018]

10 Best Music Downloader Apps for Android & iOS

Music, Music and Music are three common activities for any smartphone users. All the three are intendedly same as it is the single thing we listen a lot. So it is obvious that you and I need some Best Music downloader Apps on Android to get Stream and Play our favourite Music.

Searching the Web, Downloading the MP3, Playing them with an MP3 player is an Old day choice. (But Still, Many Prefer it! No complaints). Streaming the Music using an App/service is the new-fashioned way everyone is following. Of course, you can also make some music available offline using it. And for All the service and music they provided there will be a subscription fee.

No worry! There is also free plan where you can only stream the Music, but will not be available offline. We players also limit the amount of free listing time to 30 minutes to 2 hours for the day. For your easy reference, we have made a list of Top 10 Best Music downloader App for Android. Refer the list choose the one most suitable for you.


These are not Free mp3 downloader Android Apps. They require a subscription to get the songs offline. There is no working MP3 downloader App in the play store. You should download them from external sources. Refer Here for Free MP3 downloader Apps for Android & MP3 Websites to download the Music

Top 10 Best Music Downloader Apps [Android/iOS/PC]

  • Spotify

Spotify is undoubtedly best music streaming service, till you are not a free user. It offers best sound quality and experience for their premium users. But their premium services are costly for an average end user. Although you can free account without entering any Credit card details, there are many caveats associated with it. Few them are limited free time of streaming for day/month, No Offline Downloading, Intermediate Ads. But it can be Best downloading Music App if you consider upgrading to premium. They offer their service on Android, iOS and also on Desktop.

Download Spotify

  • Soundcloud:

Soundcloud offers an easy way to stream, share the original music tracks and podcasts. It has over 3 billion tracks and playlists to listen.Though it is free for streaming or instant listening you need a premium subscription for offline downloads. You won’t find many regional tracks, but great for western songs. Soundcloud is often well known and largely used for podcasters. So you can get unlimited and almost podcasts on any topic you are interested in. One of best Music downloader Apps for premium users.

Download Soundcloud

  • Saavn:

Saavn being an Indian App provides a great mix of Western and regional music. Moreover, it is affordable to go premium and offers very good services. You can also get a free account and listen/stream unlimited, but you won’t get high quality and offline downloading options. There are no time restrictions and Ads on free accounts, making one of Best Free Music listening Apps. You will thousands of preoccupied playlists and you can cater few for your own. There are also accurate song recommendations based on your listening. Will be One of the Best Music Downloader App, if you are going premium.

Download Saavn

  • 4Shared:

If You turn around the internet, You might already have heard of 4shared – Any File sharing service. You can browse freely shared files across various categories like Movies, games and also Music. It is completely free to use, unlike other Music Apps.

The quality here will be mixed and you can easily distinguish them using their size. Usually, 320 kbps will be around 10 MB for 4-5 min song. But you should the search query explicitly to get the Music you need. You can instantly stream, download the songs or Add it your account. If you use it right, It will be Best Music downloader App ever. Along with Music, you can also search and downloads millions of Books, APKs, Movies, Images for free. One Con is you won’t find the latest songs.

Download 4shared

  • Songily:

Songily is relatively a relatively new Music downloader App and not sure how long it will be there. At present, it offers free song download by searching free sharing sites. You might not find all favourites but will certainly get the most compromising to medium quality. You will miss either one from the two.

Download Songily

There is also Songily Pro version, which you should manually download from the site and Install. It is improved version with video download option and it is not on playstore. As per my Observation, it is mostly using Youtube as a source of music to download. Not a bad idea! These you can most songs and jukebox’s are instantly available on youtube.

  • Pandora:

Pandora is a personalised music streaming service, available on Desktop and Smartphones. You can get almost all music in high quality. But the free account here is also very limited and not certainly the best. You should one of their subscriptions to get offline downloads and best-personalised experience and high-quality music without Ads. It there for long time and best if you are primarily a US person, as it is not available outside. Of Interest, It can be a good substitute for Spotify.

Download Pandora

  • Deezer:

Deezer is Music Free streaming and downloading service on website and Apps. Started as Free music downloading site, Deezer changed a lot and evolving into the premium. It is also not available in all countries and will have most western and French tracks. Although there is a free account option, you have to fill in the credit card details during the App. This step may keep a lot of free users away from this App, but it is considered good music App. Not all positive, there are few controversial reviews for this one. But Many users claim, Quality wise it is comparable to Spotify. The premium version is also much cheaper than other music Apps.

Download Deezer

  • Anghami Music:

Using Anghami Music, you can discover millions of soundtracks from all over the world. The descriptions say it has most Arabic and other International songs. Further, you can get personalised music experience with signup and can create personal playlists & recommendations.

There are three premium plans to download unlimited offline, one with 50% student offer. Using free account you can stream the music for free with some occasional Ads.

Download Anghami

  • Google Play Music:

Lately, Google got into the Music offering service and you can all the latest music around the music. At present, there is a 30 free trial and then you can get a subscription to get the offline downloads.

Subscription is not that cheap but can be comparable to other Music Apps like Spotify and Soundcloud.

Download Google Play Music

  • Audiomack:

Audiomack is another free music downloader App for Android, with free offline ability. You don’t need a subscription to get the music offline. However, the subscription charges are very low at $2/month to get free from Ads. The quality here will be mixed and you will get most western tracks. The music here is arranged as per different genres. Lack of traditional and country-specific regional songs is big minus for this App

Download AudioMack

  • Apple music:

Apple Music is Best Music Service for iOS devices. But it is lagging behind on the Android devices. But it will be the best choice for users with both Android, MAC or iOS devices. It offers millions of latest and oldest music tracks in high quality. This also requires a subscription for uninterrupted listening and to get the offline availability.

Download  Apple Music

  • Wynk Music:

Wynk is a music streaming service from Airtel, certainly Best Music App for India users as its good collections all Indian regional films and songs. It covers International hits and playlists having more than 3 million songs in total.

Download Wynk

  • Gaana /Jio Music App (Indian users):

They are two different Music Apps – Gaana and Jio Music becoming increasingly popular in India. They offer almost all Indian specific music and also Add western mix. After Saavn, these are the best music downloading Apps for Android users.  Although they need a premium account for offline downloads, the charges are comparatively very low when compared to other services like Google Play music and Apple music. The music here is well catered for instant easy use and you will get the most of the subscription.

Download Gaana

Download JioMusic


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