Top 10 Best Magisk Modules to use on Rooted Android Phones

Top 10 Best Magisk Modules
Top 10 Best Magisk Modules

Magisk offers much more positives than a conventional root method of using Supersu. Unlike, Supersu it won’t tamper with the system partition making the rooting process more secure. It will make the taking of OTA updates easy for end users. Magisk also offers system-less modifications through its Magisk modules. At present, They might not be high in number, neither as famous as Xposed modules, but there are few tens of Best Magisk modules worth considering.

With Android’s implementation of tight security features, more developers and modded users are showing interest in the Magisk. so we can expect, Magisk modules to grow and play a wide role in the Android root community. For now, We listed out Top 10 best Magisk modules for ease of every magisk user. Now dive into the list and pick the best suitable ones for you.

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How to Install & Use Magisk Modules:

For Installation guide on Magisk Manager refer here.

Magisk modules can be installed from downloads sections of Magisk Manager. Few modules are also available on play store which can be directly installed like any other Apps. But mostly you will use the downloads section on Magisk Modules which has hundreds of modules. In the details of modules, please confirm the support for your Magisk and Android version before installing any module.

Steps to install Magisk modules:

How to Install & Use Magisk Modues

  1. Open the Magisk Manager and Navigate to download section.
  2. Search for a module you want and click on download symbol.
  3. Then a pop-up appears, click on Install now to continue.
  4. Magisk Manager will download and install the module for you.
  5. Reboot the device once done, for the module to work.

Top 10 Best Magisk Modules for Rooted Android

  • Systemless Xposed:

Xposed itself is a great mod for rooted Android users. How about installing the Xposed without hampering the System partition. Magisk brings, Xposed in form of Magisk module and it also official support from Rovo. Using Xposed, you can also get the additional Xposed modules along with Magisk ones. Xposed has hundreds of modules to add the functionalities. Here, Top 10 best Xposed modules.

  • MC charging controller:

Mc charging controller controls the rate of charging and protect your battery from the extension. It is useful if have an old android phone with a quick draining battery. It limits the charge percentage so that battery can get longer life. You can also even use it on a newer phone to safeguard the battery.  A similar alternative module is Magic charge switch.

  • App Systemizer:

App systemizer is a small module which allows easy uninstallation of unwanted system bloatware. Using this, you can also convert frequent used and important apps to the system. It comes handy, when you want a convert an App like your favourite File Manager into System App and then removes the default one that comes with your phone.

  • CrossBreeder Lite:

CrossBreeder brings set of several mods that can improve the system performance as well as battery life. Previously, the Mod used to available with Su system access, but now its ported to Magisk modules and you can use without system access. It speeds up the smartphone, reduces the lag and increases the device battery entropy levels to get most out of your mobile.

  • Magisk Sound Mods: Viper4android FX

Magisk modules are great at the Sound Mods.There are three best sound mod Magisk modules, every one must try Viper4android, AM3D Zirene and Dolby Atmos. Each one enhances the audio experience in its unique way. While Viper4android FX allows advanced tweaks. Dolby and AM3D Zirene are fairly easy to use with simple audio tweaks and enhanced audio effects. 

One more thing Magisk is famous for, it offers a wide array of sound mods to choose. You can even use two of them at a time, Let’s also see how to do that.

  • Audio Modification Library for multiple Sound Mods:

There are a number of sound mods available for rooted Android devices, like the aforementioned Viper4Android, AM3D Zirene and Dolby Atmos. Based on your liking, you may want to one of them. But what if you like different features of different mods, but installing both mods at the same time would result in a system failure for you? Well, Audio Modification Library  Magisk module will get over this limitation of installing multiple audio mods and does not cause any compatibility issues.

  • Emoji Replacer:

Emoji One Module replaces the android built-in system emojis with real looking emojis, which we usually use a lot on WhatsApp. There also similar modules named iOS Emojis to get the ios 11 emojis and Android O NotoColorEmoji Replacer to get latest Android O emojis on your android system. You can simply uninstall the module whenever you want and change will be restored.

  • Injected Youtube Background Play (iYTBP):

If you don’t yet have Android Oreo update to get Picture-in-picture mode (PIP) then this module will get PIP mode like background play on Youtube. This iYTBP is similar to what we also saw in Xposed and got modified for Magisk as a system-less mod. There is also a black themed iYTBP to try.

  • Debloater:

From the implication of its name, Debloater debloats the Android device system-lessly. You can uninstall unwanted system apps if your phone comes with many of those. But they will be restored once you get rid of the module.

  • Adaptive Icon Mask:

Using this module, you can get the Android Oreo’s Adaptive Icons. This feature is already available on many custom launchers. Still, it is a way to get them if you are not a guy of launchers.

There are many other useful but device specific modules like Pixel camera Mod, VR Mod for Oneplus 3, Dual speaker mod for Samsung S8, etc. However, we only considered universal mods for all devices. Considering trying them yourself out. For any suggestions on the list, comment below.


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