Top 10 Best Selfie Camera Apps For Android to Take & Edit Selfies[2018]

Top 10 Best Selfie Camera Apps For Android
Top 10 Best Selfie Camera Apps For Android

In Hand Smartphones, gave rise to certain trends in the last couple of years. Texting, Videos and Selfies etc, the last one is our topic for today. Snapping and Social media are attached besties and none can separate them. Selfies added much-required fuel for this relationship. It reached a point that even certain Smartphone manufacturers like OPPO and VIVO (Sorry! If you are not in India) are mainly catering their phones for selfie favourites. And the strategy actually worked in entry and mid-range segments. Not only those, no brand can actually ignore selfie camera without giving it a touch with at least 5 megapixels.

Regardless of What smartphone you have, whether a selfie favourite or not there are many Android Selfie camera Apps out in playstore to get the best selfie outcomes using filters. While there are plenty of Apps, we carefully sorted few Apps to get started with. Below is the list of Top 10 Best Selfie Camera Apps for Android.

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  • These days, many social media Apps like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp etc comes with pre-installed filters for easy photo edits. Needless to say, We have left out those common yet famous Apps, mainly focusing on Best Selfie Camera Apps with beauty stuck filters and instant Selfie Editing features.

Top 10 Best Selfie Camera Apps for Android [Selfie Editing Apps]


The Camera360 is one of the most famous apps on Google play store with more than 100 million downloads and consistently rated around 4.5. The popular functions of the App include real-time camera effects & filters, motion stickers and an auto beautification feature in the camera. The App also has a community with large user base where you can discover shared photos, new tips and Help. There is also a lite version of App if you want to save some storage and ram.

Camera360: Android

Camera360: iOS.

YouCam Perfect:

YouCam is another popular camera option from the Google Play Store to diversify your photos with loads of effects. The core features include blur & background effects, Vignette and also HDR modes. Addition to the standard editing features, You also get a powerful object removal tool to get rid of unwanted things in the background. Want more? Try out its new App Youcam Makeup with AR features with special editing effects and magic selfie makeovers.

Download YouCam Perfect for Android l iOS

Candy Camera:

The Candy camera App comes with lots of Filters, stickers and instant effects to make your selfie look amazing.It also has many beautification functions like blush, lipstick, Slimming, whitening, concealers, mascara,  eyeliners. Regarding Quality, the app supports up to UHD 4K shooting. There is also an in-built Collage maker to make your favourite Grids and divergent collages.

Download Candy Camera: Android 

Download Candy Camera: iOS

Sweet Selfie Pro:

The Sweet Selfie is by far most simplistic App and offers clean experience. If don’t want to overwhelm yourself with all those heavy features of other apps, then this App is a perfect fit for you. The App descriptions read that it comes with all basic edits, filters, selfie stickers and as well as few beauty modes to give your photos a quick shine. It also available on both Android & iOS App stores.

Sweet Selfie Pro: Android

Sweet Selfie: iOS


Cymera is one more popular App for Selfie taking and better known for Selfie editing. It offers various range of effects and thousands of photo filters, stickers, collages, frames to get your edits done. There are also shaping changing tools to make your face, smile and body look as you want.

Cymera Download


Retrica is one of the popular camera & photo editing apps out there, well known for its unique Vintage look to your photos. Apart from it, the app has other common features like filters, collage maker, GIF creator using your photos or screenshots from videos. Using retrica you can also add your photography trademark stamp to the photos.

Retrica: Android | Retrica: iOS

Beauty Plus:

Download Beauty Plus: The App claims to have more than 300 million users and so far edited 800+ Selfies. Beauty plus has many beautiful and artistic filters with a simple user interface. Other Editing tools include Skin Editor, Perfect Eyes & Smile, Auto-retouch & Magic brush. With recent updates, it also Added few AR filters.

Beauty Plus

B612 – Beauty & Filter Camera:

B612 is also a famous Beauty Camera to take Photos with real-time filters. This App differentiates well itself with Over 1,500 diverse stickers, support for boomerang videos, short music videos and AR stickers. Along with these, it provides other staple features, filters, photo collage to carry on with normal edits.


BestMe Selfie Camera:

Best Me is a simple Selfie camera with many real-time options. You will get 125+ real-time filters, Filter grid real time, Collage real time. Again in Photo editors are 100 more filters, Vintage effects, blur modes and lots of emojis, tag stickers, to keep to busy with photo editing. It has a very good rating of 4.6 on the Play store.


Candy Selfie Camera:

Candy Selfie app has more fancy and colourful Emoji stickers, directly aiming the selfie addicts.The developers also weirdly named their filters after Romance, snow, Sakura, elegance. Users can remove acne, do slimming, enlarge eyes, facelift, and other beautifying options. There is also a stylish camera to apply the real-time effects while clicking the pictures.

Download Candy Selfie for Android


A  selfie camera App putting it all its efforts on beauty. It has all required editing features to make anyone look beautiful. It has more than 100 beauty filters, blemish removal tool, real-time photo retouch, beauty collage tool, beauty video and also emoji stickers to play with.


These are Top 10 best Selfie Camera Apps for Android with also Selfie editing Capabilities from our viewpoint. But there are numerous selfie Apps out there fighting to differentiate themselves. So, this is an intuitive list, but not an all-inclusive one. If you prefer using any other interesting Selfie Apps, let us know through comments.D 


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