Is it time to move onto Smartphone user experience? Breaking the specs war.

Smartphone user experience
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It seems top manufacturers now are changing their trends of specs competition and moving into experience zone. This is not a new thing and Since their first release, Apple is well-known for seamless user experience in every iteration of iPhone. But still, it remains a big doubt if other phone makers will value this trend. Also, why is it only limited to the premium segment?

Well optimized User experience, But only on flagships

The latest releases like LG G6 and Samsung S8 series are going out in their own way. With zero bezel screen, improved cameras, more battery life, iris scanners. Samsung has attempted carefully improving the design and aspect ratio (18:9) of S8, without losing out a single feature from last year spec of S7edge, not even 3.5mm headphone jack.

Nowadays, Regardless of the spec sheet, there seems to be a considerable improvement to provide the unique user experience. Every top manufacturer is trying to impress their customers with Al-smart assistants, Curvy aesthetics, Wider aspect ratios, Modular aspects etc. On the other hand, Handset makers are also optimizing their flagships, especially in the camera department. It is no myth that, Samsung flagships have one of the best smartphone cameras around. This simply shows the strength of software algorithms. Flagships are also well optimized on Processors, RAM to give the best performance without compromising on best battery life.

But all these are limited to only one flagship of their own, why not mid-range devices? Cost can remain limitation, but why not they are concentrating on software instead of on pushing up un-optimized hardware? Is the newer hardware that cheaper? Why don’t they use a bit compromised hardware and beef up the user experience with software improvements? The Answer for all these questions remains same i.e. just, they don’t want to, and they want their user experience limited to their flagship phone to compete with other high-end models.

iPhone: User Experience at its Best

It’s no surprise that why many still prefer getting an iPhone, leaving the alternative with better specifications. Apple is really one good company, which concentrates on the seamless user experience and security without blindly bumping the specs. It’s all because of optimization that even a 20nm processor of iPhone 7 plus with 3GB Ram has beaten out the SD-821 with 4GB Ram (even 6GB in some cases). Also, SD 821 was manufactured on the more advanced 14nm FinFeT process.

Smartphone Manufacturers, Is it time to Change?

Back in the years, Chinese manufacturers have started the specs war, by relentlessly pushing up on the specs of the smartphone. What’s the point of using a higher megapixel sensor or higher ram when they are not optimized by certain algorithms to push up to the boundaries of the hardware?

As the world smartphone market is near to its stagnation, it’s time for manufacturers to change. Customers are vexed with yearly hardware changes, and they are no more interested in buying a new smartphone of improved hardware because they can’t even notice it. At the end what they see is the improvement of the user experience. So Readers, what do you want? A well-optimized phone, compromising on hardware? Or a phone with well beefed up, on paper specs? Share with us in comments


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