Tekken for Android is Now Official | Download Tekken™ APK+Data


Tekken is a very well-known game, whether it be a PC, Xbox or PlayStation. But when coming to Android phones, only a ported version of Tekken 3 is available.OR Alternatively, You should install PSP emulator on your Android device. (Still, you can download the old ported version of Tekken i.e Tekken 3 APK for low resource phones which is only of 21MB size – Download Tekken 3 APK)

But, from Now it going to change! Any Guess? BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment recently (also silently) released the official Tekken for Android mobile phones. 

Tekken 3 APK (Ported unofficial version)
Screenshots from Tekken 3 APK (Ported unofficial version – 21 MB)

Download Tekken for Android APK + Data:

Everyone out there is still searching for the ported version of Tekken 3 APK, Tekken 5 APK for Android and Tekken 6 game download for mobile. These searches simply represent the craze of the Tekken and how much its fans are waiting for the release of Tekken mobile version. Finally, the years of fans waiting for the Android version of Tekken game came to an end.

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The new Tekken for Android is also a power-packed fighting adventure. You are going to like the game, especially if you are a hardcore fan of Tekken series. Now the Tekken for Android has much better graphics and rules. Playing this new game will surely remind you of Childhood days, playing it on PC. Players should collect cards and unlock skill points to maximize the character to the next level.

Tekken for Android is Now Official | Download Tekken™ APK+Data
Tekken for Android – official version (Around 450 MB) – Tekken™ APK

There are also different modes to choose from. One default story mode, one challenge mode, and an online mode to compete with teams of other players. Tekken game as expected has all the popular characters like Paul, Panda, Nina, Law etc possessing unique fighting moves. Players are provided with 9 default moves for every character and remaining moves should be unlocked by collecting the cards from battle chests. Similarly, Characters should be unlocking while playing the game. The more you play, soon they will be unlocked.

The size of the Tekken game data is around 450MB, so make sure you have a good internet connection to download the files. Alternatively, you can only download Tekken APK file which will further download data from its servers.

As the graphics of the Tekken game are high, users should have a smartphone with a mid-range processor to run the game smoothly at minimal graphics. A high-end chipset of snapdragon 800 series can run it smoothly, even at extreme graphics.


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