Technology is helping Cyber threats, in their equal evolution with Cyber security!

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With Cyber Security going mainstream, Cyber threats are not so far. Cyber threats are also evolving equally in the underground. Fifty years ago organisations and companies did not conduct business on the internet. But now, millions of people perform online transactions every day with a single click, with Internet banking and credit card purchases. With the rise of New technology, challenges in providing Cyber Security against Cyber threats are also increasing, Let’s see how.

Be Careful while trying the New things/Technologies

We are always enthusiast about something new, and we go crazy with newest releases. Aren’t we? Indeed, these evolving and immature technologies are letting out new opportunities for hackers out there to get into user data. Primarily talking about of IoT Products, It is estimated that around 75% loT enabled devices lacks necessary security systems. The Recent DDoS attack on Dyn, in 2016 is caused due to vulnerabilities in unsecured IoT devices. This attack has brought down the high profiles sites like Netflix and Twitter. With IoT being integrated into more smart appliances, cyber attacks are expected to increase. So remember, Every good looking IoT device may not be secure.

We see a lot of implications for security in the Internet of Things (IoT) – devices, medical devices, smart TVs, and (even) coffee machines. Those devices are getting more and more connected to the Internet to become smarter. But we are already seeing these devices are being used to launch attacks and to be targets. In 2017, we will see more attacks and more measures against those attacks. – Alon Kantor, Vice President of Business Development, Check Point.

We will start to see the emergence of abilities to protect information assets using AI. But hackers will also use AI to improve their attack capabilities. AI-sponsored attacks and defense could emerge. Also, AI-enabled toolkits will disrupt the traditional cyber-security products, services, and architectures. I’m seeing more startups and ventures that sponsor AI-enabled products for security. – Carlos Russell, Risk Management Director, Ternium. (Source: Forbes)

Machine Learning is not an exception

Coming to Machine learning, It not only making things easier for users but also for Hackers. Hackers may reverse the Intelligence algorithms to improve their attack capabilities using the vulnerabilities of devices as targets. Over the last few years, Mobile security threats have become common, and Smartphones are used as a primary target to reveal sensitive information regarding businesses. It is also speculated that security attacks on small and medium companies are going to increase vastly, as they compromise on security following their budget.

In the end, these are only a couple of cases, how emerging technology is also helping for Cyber attackers. There are much more challenges waiting for Cyber Security, and the game of Cyber Security v/s Cyber Crimes is not too far, and It may not be enjoyable!


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