What do Snapchat Emoji Mean? Know the All Snapchat Emoji Meanings

What do Snapchat Emojis Mean? Know the All Snapchat Emoji Meanings
What do Snapchat Emojis Mean? Know the All Snapchat Emoji Meanings

If you are an avid user of the Snapchat, then you might/ will notice tiny emoji appearing next to your friends contact in the chat tab. These icons appear when you send and receive multiple snap stories/chats with your friends. While some of those emoji are popular one without needing any introduction, some are new to few people. So, if you are also among those curious people, trying to find what Snapchat emojis mean? Then join us on the Snapchat Emoji meanings guide and continue to know the All Snapchat emoji meanings.

First things First, What Exactly are Snapchat Emojis?

The Snapchat app has a cool feature of tracking your chat habits with your friends & groups. Then using those messaging habits, it assigns a relevant emoji to represent the level and status of your interaction with the particular person or the group. Seems interesting right? This is one of the features, what made the Snapchat successful and different from other messaging Apps.

The Emoji changes based on the how extent you interact with particular person or group in the last couple of days. Saying that emoji may completely disappear if you stop the chatting for a couple of weeks.

Snapchat Emoji Meanings Guide

There are Nine different Snapchat emojis you will see besides your friend name. Each Emoji represent the different meanings about your interaction in last few days. Here are the different Snapchat Emoji Meanings. This Snapchat emoji guide is made based on the listed official website and they are also available in the snapshot.

Snapchat heart Emoji Meanings

Two ? Pink Hearts:

If you got the Two pink hearts emoji on Snapchat, then both you and your friend are Super BFFs continuously for two months. Meaning that Your friend is top on our chat list and you are top your friends chat list straightforwardly for two months.

The ? Yellow Heart:

The Yellow heart emoji on Snapchat means that you both snap’s each other. Elaborately, You send the most snap to that friend and he also returns most snaps to you, for a period less than two weeks.

The ❤ Red Heart:

The Red heart emoji on Snapchat appears after the yellow heart comes. Meaning that you remained Best friends with each other for a period more than 2 weeks

Snapchat Face emoji meanings:

? Smiling Face: The snapshot emoji with smiling eyes means that they’re another one of your best friends but not your number one.

? Smirking Face: The Smirking face emoji on Snapchat appears when you are your friends best friend but you have a different best friend. Meaning that your friend is not your best friend, you have another one.

? Grimacing Face: The Grimacing face emoji on Snapchat bearing his teeth outside mean that you both have same best friends (Not you both). Means that you both have same another friend as your best friend. Awkward right?

? Face With Sunglasses: If you see the Sunglasses face emoji on Snapchat, it means that you both a mutual friend on your top best friend list.

Few More Snapchat Emoji Meanings:

? Hundred: This hundred emoji represent the 100 Day Snap-streak.

⌛ Hourglass: Hourglass emoji represents the end of the snap streak, Just send a few more snaps to keep it alive.

? Fire: Along with 100 emoji you may also see fiery flame emoji Snapchat, meaning that you’re on a “snap streak.” Snapping back and forth a lot over the several past days. The Longer you continue snapping, higher the number you see like 100 alongside the hundred emoji.

Sparkles: If you’re snapping with multiple friends as a group, you’ll see the sparkle emoji appear next to it, which can help you identify all the friends you’re including in group chats.

? Baby: When you add or chat with the new friend on Snapchat they are represented with a baby emoji.

? Gold Star: Means that, Someone has replayed his Snap stories in past 24 hours. Indirectly representing that his story has something worth watching.

? Birthday Cake: As we most of us know, it simply represents the birthday. It only appears when birthday party feature enabled in the settings.

Tip: You Can Actually Customize Your Snapchat Emojis!

Another Simple Snapchat trick is that you can customize the Emojis you see them beside your friend chat. To know how to customize the Snapchat Emojis, just the follow the step by step instructions below.

  1. First Navigate to the camera tab & then tap on the ghost icon. This pulls down your profile window.
  2. Click on the gear icon in the top right and access your settings
  3. Next Click on Manage Preferences under “Additional Services”
  4. Then in the next tab, tap the Friend Emojis option. Here you find the list of current emojis, Just tap on any of them to change it to any other Emoji you want to appear. Confirm the changes before exit.

For example, if you wanted the Best friend emoji to poo emoji instead of the pink heart emoji. You can simply do that by changing the Settings in as described above. Then a pile of poo emoji will replace the heart emoji besides your friend’s name.

Snapchat’s Shift for privacy:

In older versions of the Snapchat App, there used to be the Best friends feature. This feature used to display the top 5 to 7 of your chat list to friends, those who were top of snaps on your lists. In fact, you could directly tap on anyone’s username to reveal their best friends lists. This used to cool exciting & unique feature then

But Due to privacy issues from the high profile people, this feature was taken down. Later after few months, this Friends emoji features replaced it. Unlike the old feature, the new friend emojis are private from all sides. Only you can see the level of friendships with your friends. They are simply represented by emojis beside their usernames and changed accordingly.

This introduction of emojis leads to some sort of inconvenience among the users. As it was something everyone is used to and also not present in other messaging Apps. So users started searching out for their explanations. But later, it evolved as funny and appealed many users & also attracted many others.

Snapchat Icon Meanings:

Along with Snapchat emoji, there are some icons in Snapchat. These are not an emojis, but it provides some additional information about your snaps.

Snapchat Sent Icon Meanings:

Sent Icons
Icon Meaning
 Your Snap message sent
 Your Snap message sent without sound
Your Snap message sent with sound


Snapchat Received Icon Meanings:

Received Icons
Icon Meaning
You are having an unread Chat message
You are having an unread Snap/Group of snaps which includes Audio
 You are having an unread Snap/Group of snaps without any Audio


Snapchat Opened Icon Meanings:

Opened IconsIcon Meaning
 The friend opened the Snap message
 A Friend opened the Snap having audio
 A Friend opened a Snap without any audio
 A Friend viewed the snap and received the cash


Snapchat Viewed Icon Meanings:

Viewed IconsIcon Meaning
The Chat you sent, has been viewed
The snap you sent with audio has been viewed
 The Snap you sent without audio has been viewed


Snapchat Screenshot Icon Meanings:

Screenshot IconsIcon Meaning
 A screenshot of your Snap has been taken.
  A screenshot of your Snap (having audio) has been taken.
 A screenshot of your Snap(without audio)  has been taken.


Snapchat Replay Icon Meanings

  Your Snap without audio has been re-played by your friend.

 Your Snap with audio has been re-played by your friend.


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