Nintendo’s New Android Game is Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Download Nintendo's Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp APK (Latest)
Download Nintendo's Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp APK - Latest version

Nintendo is getting ready to release a new mobile game for smartphones, named as Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. It actually planned to release the game during this November for both Android and iOS. The final release date is yet disclosed.


Animal Crossing is now official in many countries. If it was unavailable in your country, Download the APK from below.  Still, you are unable to play the game? then you must use a VPN. You must have the latest Animal Crossing APK v1.1.2

Download Animal Crossing from Google Play store

Alternative source: [APK Monk]

Features of Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

  • Explore the world, Host and Help the Animals at your campsite.
  • Craft the Amenities & furniture of animals in your camp.

In the Animal Crossing game, Player plays a role as a campsite manager. As an Animal camp manager, you can make changes to the camp so that various animals should like it and visit your camp. You can also earn different craft materials by fulfilling animal requests.

Gameplay of Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp in the Beta APK
Gameplay & Camping in Animal Crossing Beta

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp in Beta testing

The Beta version of Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp APK has been leaked recently, while the team is performing some beta test. It distributed over several websites and later taken down. So, now everyone with APK can install and play the game.

Only registered users can access the beta version. At present, the game is only available in few countries (Use Australian VPN) and people of other countries can also pre-register to get notified on the day of official release.

Note: The game progress may or may not remain after the official release, meaning everyone should start fresh starting from the official release. As something similar happened during the Clash Royale release where all beta users lost their game progress.

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Final words on Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

As the game is still in its beta tests, we can also expect few changes and improvements in the final release. The game itself will be free to download but will have in-app purchases in form of Leaf Tickets.

The new gameplay of Animal Crossing is simple to understand yet addictive to play. but the gameplay will be quite monotonous after few levels. Also, In many terms, it is similar to Clash of Clans. On Overall, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is going to be mixed bag requiring both strategy and patience.


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