How to Mass Unfollow Everyone on Instagram [Unfollow All]

How to Mass Unfollow Everyone on Instagram
Mass Unfollow All on Instagram

Instagram is one the major platform for marketing and small business professionals. At times, we need to follow and unfollow in mass number. Officially, Instagram only allows you to follow 7500, the maximum limit at one instance. After that, you should unfollow non-participating users to be able to follow new users. Here, in this post, we covered the two methods which you can still use to Mass unfollow everyone on Instagram at once.

It is against the policy of Instagram to use automated services depending on Instagram API. So, Most of the Automated Apps available are either down or removed from the playstore. Previously, Crowdfire; a famous Social media utility used to support this mass unfollow All feature, but later it dropped the feature for Instagram, but still available for Twitter.

Android Apps to Mass unfollow everyone on Instagram:

  1. Unfollow All for Instagram: currently unavailable on playstore
  2. Instant Cleaner for Instagram: Free for unfollowing 5 at a time. For more, you should pay.
  3. Fast Unfollow: It is a web app available at (free & paid)

From all the Apps mentioned above, only Instant Cleaner for Instagram is available on playstore and remaining all are taken down as it is against Instagram policies. You can search for APK repositories for taken down apps. But Lately, Cleaner for Instagram is also getting negative reviews. so try your luck with Apps.

 So now, we are left with only one option i.e to use the Instagram unfollow All script on chrome browser. check that below.

Mass Unfollow Everyone on Instagram at Once using Chrome Script

You need a Windows or Mac PC running Chrome browser for this

#1. Open the Instagram account in the Chrome browser (PC)

#2. Press CTRL+SHIFT+ I to open developer tools with few tabs; Alternatively, Tap on three-dot menu >> Tools >> Developer Tools

#3. Then Navigate to Console tab, the second one.

#4. Right Click on Console tab and Select clear.

#5. Now, Copy paste the code below and press enter.

var jq = document.createElement(‘script’); jq.src = “//”; //Loads JavaScript document.getElementsByTagName(‘head’)[0].appendChild(jq); jQuery.noConflict() 

#6. It should return output as

function (a,b){return new c.fn.init(a,b)}

#7.Then enter the script below and execute

var x = 0;
if(x==1) return false; // Number 1 represents how many unfollow's per cycle
var y = $(window).scrollTop();
$("html, body").animate({ scrollTop: y+50}, 1000); console.log('loop');
}, 60000); // Time to wait after one follow cycle in miliseconds, 60000 = 1 minute

The above will unfollow 1 user for 1 minute, so leave the window and wait. You can decrease or increase the unfollow frequency [In the last line, 60000 =  1 minute] by changes in the code. But, tool frequent unfollows may get you caught and may put your account in danger.


If you receive any of the codes below while executing the script then you should wait for a while and try again at a later time by restarting the chrome. Instagram has its own limits on both follows and unfollows. You can’t unfollow more than 140 users at an instance.

Error 1:

Uncaught ReferenceError: jQuery is not defined
 at <anonymous>:4:1
Error 2:
POST 403 ()


  1. Thanks for the post. I’m trying your script and here is my error message:

    Uncaught SyntaxError: Invalid or unexpected token


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