10 Lite Android Apps to save on Storage & RAM [Low MB Apps 2018]

10 Lite Android Apps [ Low MB Apps 2018]
10 Lite Android Apps [ Low MB Apps 2018]

These days, the size of Android apps is increasing from update to update. This can be a problem for the low resource phones where we have limited internal storage. While few apps can be installed on external sd cards, few apps like the Facebook can’t be installed on sd card. Even if installed, the major part of the App remains in the internal storage itself and size of the app increases day by day eating the majority of internal storage.

10 Low MB & Lite Android Apps to save on Storage & RAM:

Lite and small size apps for android can address these problems by saving on both the storage and RAM of the smartphone. Lite Android Apps can also increase battery life to some extent by decreasing the background activity of the Apps. So why waiting! You must try these small size android apps if your phone often slows down with the heavy usage. Let’s look into the Best Lite Android apps to save on Storage & RAM. All these are Low MB Apps < 10 MB for your Android Phones & Tablets.

  1. Google Go
  2. Youtube GO
  3. Linkedin Lite
  4. Files GO
  5. Parallel Space Lite
  6. Messenger Lite
  7. Twitter Lite
  8. UC Mini/Opera Mini
  9. Skype Lite
  10. Facebook Lite

# Google Go:

Goole Go – Lite Apps for Android

If you ever noticed, Google App on your Android phone can eat a lot of space leaving no space to install your favourite apps or to store the media. We can undermine as it one most important app syncing your activities with Google. As part of Android Go project, Google is working on lite apps for Android especially for developing countries like India. Of course, you can use them from any country (:p). With the size of only 3MB, Google Go is one of such Low MB apps for Android.

Download Google GO (Playstore)

# Youtube Go:

Youtube as the primary medium, people these days are consuming a wholesome of video content. Thanks to Jio! You can relate if you are in India. But what if you are internet content that faster and your videos are buffering often? isn’t that annoying?

Youtube Go – A Low MB App for Youtube

Then Youtube Go, is lite Android App that can solve these problems. The Youtube Go is small size youtube app for Android. It is designed to consume less data while having most youtube features. It can be useful can be slow low speed or bandwidth. For Other Alternatives to Youtube App refer here.

Download Youtube GO 

# Files Go:

10 Lite Apps for Android | Low MB Apps 2018
Files Go is a Low MB Filemanager App

Ah! Different File manager apps in the play store are no less complex. It is not difficult to find a basic file manager in low size, but they often annoy with Ads. The new Files Go is a Low Mb App,  released by Google as part of the Android Go project. It has all basic File manager functions along with the feature of Wifi sharing with minimal storage. Files GO also suggest the large files which occupy more of your internal storage, making easy for cleaning. It should be among the smallest File manager apps of android.

Download Files GO

# Linkedin Lite:

Networking…! Networking is a new buzzword these days. Linkedin is a place of professional to connect and network. To expand its people reach, Linkedin also released a low Mb App of Linkedin having most of the features of Website & App. With Linkedin’s small size android app of less 1MB, networking should be no more burden for your phone. 

Download Linkedin Lite

# Parallel space lite for dual apps:

Just like Dual Sim Mobiles, Dual accounts for personal & professional use has become common these days. But many apps won’t allow multiple accounts by default and Parallel space is well-known to solve this problem. There is also a Parallel Space lite Android app, a much-refined version of the Original App. It refined to consumes minimal memory for low resource phones with its small size. Refer here How to easily create multiple accounts of Any Android App

Download Parallel Space Lite

# Twitter Lite:

Twitter Lite Android App
Twitter Lite Android Apps

Twitter is not much behind, though a little late in releasing its Twitter Lite App. The Lite version of the Twitter app is now available in 24+ countries, But still not available worldwide. So, If it’s not available in your country then simply download and install APK file from any reliable source like Apkmirror. This Lite version decreases the RAM and Storage Consumption. 

Download Twitter Lite

# Messenger Lite:

Facebook is still forcing its Android users to use its Messenger. It’s no shocking that Messenger reached 1 Billion downloads memory & spacing consuming poor features. But Messenger Lite can provide some relief from that. With recent updates, it also now supports Video calling and nothing left it can’t do but Messenger does. Come on leave about the UI animations and chat heads.

Download Messenger Lite

# UC Browser Mini:

All the mainstream browsers, Chrome or Firefox can consume a lot of internal storage. With small UI comprises, UC Browser Mini is an excellent option available for limited storage and low memory phones. Despite its low 2.5Mb size, it has few unique features like fast downloading mode and video grabber. It doesn’t like UC browser or if you doubt its privacy then Opera Mini is an alternative Lite Android Browser for you. Refer here for 5 Android Apps to download any Video from Any site online

Download UC Browser Mini

# Skype Lite:

Skype is one of most resource consuming Android apps. With the extent of Whatsapp and Facebook video calling, we are rarely using skype, unless for professional use. So why not decreasing some load on your Android by shifting to Skype Lite and it has all features from Skype App keeping aside UI animations.

Download Skype Lite

# Facebook Lite:

10 Lite Apps for Android | Low MB Apps 2018
Facebook Lite

I think No one needs an introduction to Facebook App. I uninstalled it a long time ago due to its large size and the battery draining the app is causing. With only around 500KB, The Facebook Lite is worth trying if you the facebook lot or else you can simply use any browser version.

Download Facebook Lite

These are 10 Lite Android Apps to reduce load & save some storage and memory on your Android device. They are also small & Useful Apps besides improving the performance of your device. Also with these Low MB apps for Android, updating can be much faster and easier. So try out by replacing your normal apps with these lite apps for Android. For any suggestions please comment below.


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