10 Best Android launchers for High Performance & Customization[2018]

Best launchers for Android for Best Performance & Customization
Best launchers for Android for Best Performance & Customization

Users can replace the default Android launcher on their device with ease. Using this functionality, Launchers are born out to help in customizing the Android device without much effort. Even after Android Oreo, Installation of a Custom launcher is what many users prefer and also the best way to customize any device. Along with personalization, launchers can also improve performance and battery life, but you need to get a right pick to experience those advantages. So we decided to sort out for you with Top 10 Best launcher Apps for Android.

There are hundreds of Android launchers available in the play store. Trying out each and every launcher on play store consumes a lot of time and also makes your device dirty if they are not proper. No worries! Lets us help you with this small refined list of 10 best launchers for Android. We pointed out positives, their unique functionalities, and also few cons for the 10 most popular & best android launcher Apps from our side. Now get up and follow the list.

The quick list of Best Android launchers for 2018:

While Top 5 launchers on our list will give the top-notch performance, all of them are AOSP based, fast and offers many customization options. So, to balance the list next five i.e. 6 to 10 offers unique looks and customization.

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  1. Nova Launcher
  2. Action Launcher
  3. ADW Launcher 2
  4. Apex Launcher
  5. Smart Launcher
  6. Aviate Launcher
  7. Microsoft Launcher
  8. Buzz Launcher
  9. Solo Launcher
  10. TSF Launcher

The Best Android launchers for High performance & customization

# 01. Nova Launcher:

The name Nova needs no introduction in the world of launchers. Nova launcher is simple & lite but the level of customizability it provides is remarkable.

One of its ability, I love the most is the Custom Home Screen. Users can create their own custom home screen to different from every other phone or similar to phones u love. Nova launcher also supports Quick shortcuts by long pressing the App icon, Handy gestures, icon packs and loads of themes to choose from. It won’t hinder the performance either. The last things are updates and they super fast in adding new features and clearing bugs with frequent updates.

” Finest Android launcher for Best Performance with Quick updates”

Nova Launcher
Nova Launcher

# 02. Action Launcher:

Action Launcher is well known for its customization. It also brings the latest stock Android features within no time with fast updates. It now has Oreo features like Notification dots and quick shortcuts. The Action launcher also has a unique feature like the Quick theme – select the theme based on the wallpaper and Quick sidebar with your favourites. But the free version is limited from many features. It is One best launcher if you are ready to get the premium version.

” Fast & Best launcher for Freemium users with stable updates”

Action launcher
Best launchers for Android for Best Performance & Customization

# 03. ADW launcher 2:

The ADW launcher offers most of the customizations from every corner for free. Users no more require premium upgrades to experience locked features. It also offers a good amount of stock pixel and nexus themes to choose from.

There is also a widget editor to edit the widget style, App shortcuts, and secondary options features. Unlike other launchers, it won’t restrict any of these features for premium users. Of course, you should get a one time license for an ad-free version and it is not a big deal. Updates are not that frequent but can expect few fixes around the time.

“A Simple, Light & Best customizable AOSP styled Launcher”

ADW laucncher 2

# 04. Apex launcher:

Apex launcher is the most lightweight launcher I have ever experienced. Can you imagine launcher with customization under a size of 3 MB..? Apex launcher made it possible and it offers one of the best performance with its minimal size. There are also many home customizations and themes available within this mini package.

“Lightest launcher with all basic customization’s everyone wants”

Apex Launcher for Android
Apex Launcher

# 05. Smart Launcher:

The smart launcher is an innovative AI piece with its smart actions. It automatically categories the apps on your App list and frequently used Apps on your Home screen. Themes and icon packs are available in thousands. It also has all common add-on features from App hider to the Tap to wake feature.

“Smarter launcher piece equipped with AOSP style”

Smart Launcher for Android

# 06. Aviate launcher:

Yahoo is still here! Aviate launcher will keep you Organized, besides changing the look your home screen. It offers intelligent recommendations based on the time and the place you are at. For example, On the morning it offers news and daily feed. At work, it shows you nearby coffee shops. While at the new place its recommends the near places to visit and their reviews. It turns out to be more interactive with your use.

“A  launcher to set Organized throughout the day”

Aviate launcher to stay organized
Best launchers for Android for Best Performance & Customization

#07. Microsoft launcher:

After killing the Windows mobile OS, Microsoft released a unique Android launcher and Edge browser for smartphones, replacing its famous Arrow launcher. Similar to Aviate launcher, Microsoft launcher helps to stay organized, if are an avid laptop user. The best function is the “Continue on PC” features, which inter-connects your phone and Pc to share the work or thing you are doing. With Cortana and edge browser, this launcher makes you Android feel like a windows piece without limitations.

“A launcher to Inter-link your Mobile & PC and Organize your Work”

Microsoft launcher
Microsoft launcher

#08. Buzz Launcher:

The level of customizability this provides is near to infinity. You can blend and bend the styles as you want, whether to create an AOSP based home screen or iPhone looking phone screen. Are you too lazy to make one? No problem, As there are lakhs (5,00,000 to be !) of customizations shared by your fellow users. You can also share your personalized home screen with other users.

“The launcher that Never goes out of trend”

Buzz launcher

# 09. Solo Launcher:

Solo launchers and Holo launcher (An alternative, much like Solo)are a pair of lightweight & Best launchers for Android for low storage phones, after Apex launcher. They provide the best performance with maximum customizable options with the only size of around 5MB. Especially, the Solo Launcher is a replacement for memory hogs like CM launcher and Go launcher, if you are looking for one.

“A Lighter launcher with No Compromises”

#10. TSF launcher:

The TSF launcher is the leading 3D launcher in the list. It has a noticeable 3D UI and the 3D widgets. A worth try, if you are too bored with same AOSP type traditional launchers. It comes with icon editing tool, 9 different gestures, Folder & widget dock. Users can also download and apply various third party themes over the launcher.

“Introduces you some best 3D Animations & Transitions”

TSF launcher
TSF launcher

Here, we are at end of our list! 10 best Android Launchers to use in 2018 for Best Performance & Customizations. If you are still not sure about which one to use, Nova is best one to start with for smooth Android experience. If your phone is too slow and low on RAM, then we recommend reading Light & fastest Android launchers for slow phones.

We have also sorted out ratings of the top Android launcher Apps to get it easy for the readers, Have a look below.

Downloads & Review Ratings: Best Android launchers

Nova Launcher50 Million downloads with rating of 4.6 out of 5Download Nova
Action Launcher5 Million users with rating of 4.2 out of 5Download Action
ADW Launcher 210 Million users with rating of 4.3 out of 5Download ADW 2
Apex Launcher10 Million users with rating of 4.3 out of 5Download Apex
Smart Launcher10 Million users with rating of 4.4 out of 5Download Smart
YAHOO Aviate Launcher5 Million users with rating of 4.3 out of 5Download Aviate
Microsoft Launcher10 Million users with rating of 4.6 out of 5Download Microsoft
Buzz Launcher10 Million users with rating of 4.4 out of 5Download Buzz
Solo Launcher100 Million users with rating of 4.5 out of 5Download Solo
TSF Launcher5 Million users with rating of 4.5 out of 5Download TSF


That’s it and Also, Thank you for staying until the end! Hope you got your choice. For any suggestions on the list consider commenting down below.


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