How the Internet is going to turn the things around in the upcoming decade?

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The Internet is going to turn the many heads, out there in the coming decade. It’s around 50 years since the World Wide Web happened. It transformed fast into our lives, becoming an irreplaceable part of our daily and working life. Majorly we depend on Telecom Operators/ Carriers for an Internet/web connection, though they are not only the way around. Here is an interesting future change in the way people connect to the Internet/World web.

Project LOON is going to change the way people connect to the Internet in Remote areas:

The Internet will leave nothing, unconnected. Space X is planning to launch more satellites this year, to provide the web access for more rural and remote areas. Google is also working on Project LOON to encounter the more rural areas with broadband access. Project LOON aims to launch and maintain a fleet of balloons, which can provide internet access. Auto launchers are made to launch new balloons every half an hour consistently. In a 19 Million km test drive, the balloons have already gone stiff and ended up surviving for 190 days aloft in the stratosphere.

With project LOON, High-speed internet access from telecommunication partner is transmitted up to nearest balloon. Relayed across balloon network, then the Internet access is transmitted down to users on the ground, directly to their LTE phones. This way can provide connection speeds up to 10Mbps for the users.

With the evolution IoT in the coming decade, every possible device from your headphone to jacket will be connected to the web, making them smart and leaving you lazy (:p). Highly anticipated, Low power Wi-Fi and 5G communications are also expected to make their way by 2020. Both these will ratchet the Wi-Fi  & Cellular transmission range while providing breakneck speeds with lower power consumption.

Technology and the Internet are interlinked to each other, with every new technology, there comes a new way to connect with the world web. Also, with increasing ways to connect to the World Web, Data and Privacy will have a tough time. Cyber attacks are going to be more dominant. Nothing is perfect in this world; just a right person is needed to uncover the hidden flaw. Speed and accuracy of work will be considerably improved using these technologies. But, the increase in Automation of works will have an enormous impact on employment with only a few productive jobs left. So as many other things, the Internet also has both bright and dark sides to deal with.



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