How to use Whatsapp on Laptop/PC using Whatsapp web: 6 Steps

Whatsapp-web- feature
Whatsapp-web- feature

We do receive a lot of images and web links on Whatsapp daily. But What if you open a link you received on Whatsapp on your PC? Will you type word to word of that long web link, No way!  that can be disgusting, right? Our pro tip is to use Whatsapp web instead! Follow our instructions to know how to use Whatsapp on PC with ease.

Whatsapp has recently celebrated its One billion active users mark. Long back, Whatsapp introduced Whatsapp web to open Whatsapp on PC (desktop) or Laptop. Whatsapp web can be used to sync the messages and files between your Smartphone and PC. But, there is a limitation here, you need an active internet connection on both your mobile and PC for this to work. Also, it not the direct way to open a new WhatsApp account on the PC. This method is to just sync’s the existing WhatsApp account on your Smartphone and to use Whatsapp on PC or Laptop. Let’s get into How to use Whatsapp on PC step by step.

Requirements to use Whatsapp on PC:

  1. A smartphone compatible with Whatsapp.
  2. PC/Laptop.
  3. Whatsapp.(Download from Playstore/App store)

Steps to use Whatsapp on PC using Whatsapp web:

  1. Open the Whatsapp on your Smartphone. (New users should enter and verify their number to register.)
  2. Tap on the three dotted bar on right top and select Whatsapp web Option.
    How to use whatsapp on PC using Whatsapp web
    Click on Whatsapp web


  3. It should Open the camera of your smartphone and will ask you to scan the QR code.
  4. Now on your PC, go to to get a QR code. (Use any browser)
    How to use Whatsapp on PC - QR code Scan
    Whatsapp Web: Scan the QR Code using your Smartphone Camera


  5. Then, Scan the QR code on your PC/Laptop using your smartphone camera. 
    How to use Whatsapp on PC - Scan QR Code
    Scan QR Code with your smartphone camera
  6. That’s it. Your Whatsapp account will be synced to the PC. Now you can Open all your Chats, Images and Video on your PC but the media files will be re downloaded.
How to use Whatsapp on PC - Whatsapp Web sample
Whatsapp web: Whatsapp account

Remember, you need an Internet connection on both the Smartphone and PC or it will display an error message. After the use, you can simply log out the account from PC. Alternatively, users can also log out, remotely from using the smartphone. There is also an option to enable the Desktop notifications from the Whatsapp web. This feature will notify the users when ever they receive a new message on WhatsApp when connected. 

How to use whatsapp on PC
Desktop notifications – Whatsapp on PC

Download and Install Whatsapp Application for PC

Instead of using a browser, Users can also Download and Install Whatsapp web application on their PC. Users can get the PC application by clicking on the link above.

  1. Download the Whatsapp setup.
  2. Open the file and Install it on your Desktop PC/Laptop.
  3. After successful installation, Click on the desktop shortcut to open the app. (or else search for Whatsapp using pc search)
  4. Use the process described above, Scan the QR scan. Also, Make sure, your mobile and Pc are having working internet connection.

That’s it. These are simple ways to use WhatsApp on your PC. However, these methods cannot be used to directly create an account, you need an android emulator for direct use. Bluestacks is well known and easy to use Andrroid emualtor, Downlaod it here.


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