How to use Droid Hardware info app to find Android Hardware Info/Arm version.

How to use Droid info app to find Android hardware info or Arm version.

Users can get the basic device information from the ‘About phone’ section in the settings menu, But info available there is limited. What if we want to know all the details like What sensors our phone equipped with? Screen resolution, Pixel Density and other features of your device. Droid Hardware Info app will show the Android hardware info related to our Android device.

Droid Hardware Info
Droid Hardware Info
Developer: InkWired
Price: Free+

In particular, This app is mainly used to know the ARM version of the Processor used on your phone. Apart from ARM version, Users can see their Processor details Battery type used, Camera specification and Video capabilities of Camera, List of sensors present on their device.

Why/When do we need Android Hardware info/ARM version?

If you are advanced Android users, who often deal with Rooting, Custom ROMs, then CPU is one important thing to know. We may require selecting the Flashable Gapps and Xposed Framework package based on the ARM version which is related from CPU architecture. Selecting an incorrect package may also result in system instability and boot up issues, so selecting a right package relates to knowing the ARM version/CPU architecture.

CPU architecture directly represents on which version of cores your processor is built. Most of the well-known processor brands Snapdragon, MediaTek, Exynos, and Kirin built their processor using latest ARM architecture. Intel is only processor company which used to build their processor on custom cores, but their Smartphone processors are redundant now. So, unless you have a device running on Intel processor you must have an ARM CPU architecture.

Use Droid Hardware Info app & Find ARM version of your device processor:

How to use Droid info app to find Android hardware info/Arm version.

  1. Install the Droid hardware info app from the Playstore.
  2. Open the app and Grant the required permissions.
  3. From device Tab, move the System Tab.
  4. In the processor section, you can see the CPU architecture version and other details.
  5. Take a note the CPU architecture detail and compare it with the table below to know the General format.
 General format used  

    Architecture as shown in Droid Info app   

       ARM     ARMv7 or armeabi
      ARM 64     AArch64 or arm64 or arm64-8a
     x86     x86 or x86abi
     x86_64     x86_64


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