How to Download and Use Android Instant Apps on your Device.

Enable and use Instant apps
Enable and use Instant apps

While Android Instant Apps are now active on more than 500 million devices, many of us are not sure how they work. Some of them may not know, they even exist. With the latest release of Android Oreo, the Instant apps are the most useful and may also play a dominant role in the days to come. Follow our detailed steps of Instant app Download Guide to know how to enable, Download and use Android Instant apps on your device.

What actually are Android Instant apps?

There will be many apps on our mobile we very rarely, for instance, recharge apps or ticket booking apps and others. We use them less often and they may occupy large storage. Google tried to solve this problem with the use of instant apps, where apps load instantly by downloading few and minimal necessary contents. But, unlike normal apps, they can’t be installed from the playstore. They are directly launched from the web page if the particular website has an instant app version. In final words, Instant apps help the user to experience few features available on the original app before they download and use the complete original app.

How to enable Android Instant apps on your device:

Android apps for rolling out in phases, so make sure your device is up to date with Google services and Google apps and then follow our steps below. In few cases, Instant apps may not appear on your device settings, then you should wait few more days to use Instant apps, before they are rolled out to your device.

Enable and use Instant apps
Enable and use Instant apps – Settings
  1. Go to Settings >> Google account settings.
  2. Search for Instant apps option.
  3. Open and turn on the toggle.
  4. Accept the Prompt and Click on Yes, I’m in!
  5. Now we are left with installing and using an instant app.
Enable and use Instant apps
Enable and use Instant apps

Android Instant app Download:

As Instant apps feature is still in its beginning stage and there are not many instant apps to use. But in coming days, more developers and manufacturers will enable the instant apps for their respective. While this may take some, Wish – Shopping, Buzzfeed, Viki and Periscope are few apps with instant apps support. So users can try one of them by searching them in Google. Follow our Screen shots below.

Find the search result which has an option with “Wish app – Instant” just under the title and above the description and tap on it to start the instant app.

Instant app download
Instant app download and Install

A Google Play window will open up and will load the Instant app in a few seconds, in actual it downloads a few bits of required data in the background. As you start Instant Apps, small bits of app data and features will be locally stored on your device. Users can obtain the instant apps info by going back to Settings > Google > Instant Apps. All of the Instant Apps you’ve used previously will show up here and you can clear data or install the full app from the playstore, if available. A lightning bolt will also show up in the notification bar as an indication that you’re running an Instant Android App.

Update: new instant apps added – Vimeo, Jet, Dotloop, Musicxmatch,  NewYork times CrossWord  and few more – visit developer update page

Instant app download
New Android Instant apps




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