Know How to take a Screenshot on iPhone X – 2 ways

How do you take a screenshot on an iPhone X
How do you screenshot on iPhone X?

It is obvious that iPhones users should simultaneously use Home button along with the button to take a screenshot. With the death of home button on Apple’s new iPhone Ten; many people are wondering, how to take a Screenshot on iPhone X? 

If you are not wondering, Let me ask! how do you Screenshot on iPhone X?

While iPhone 8 and 8 plus are featured with Home button and a normal display, iPhone X has equipped with a new face ID and a 6.0-inch Full vision display of 18:2 aspect ratio. Also, All the previous generations Apple Phones and iPads to name iPhone 7, iPhone 6, iPhone SE..etc has a home button. So, Will Apple remap the functionality to take a Screenshot on its iPhone X? it actually did on its iOS 11. Let’s look into remapped keys and the new way to take a Screenshot on iPhone X running on iOS 11.

Steps to take a Screenshot on iPhone X: [Method 01]

  1. Open the Screen you want to capture.
  2. Now simultaneously Press hold the Volume Up button on left while Pressing the Power button on right side.
  3. Now your screen will be captured and you can view the preview on the left bottom of the screen.

So, Start Changing your old habit, in case you own an iPhone X. Stop searching for Home button and Instead, Use Volume UP button to capture a screenshot on your new iPhone X. This new and remapped function is first reported by popular iDevice media network ‘iHome’.

Wait! There’s another way around to take a screenshot on any iDevice is by using Assistive Touch feature. Explained below the tweets.

iPhone X Screenshot Notch:

iPhone X has a small u-shaped notch at the top which holds the Earpiece, Face ID along with a front camera. Now, No one is sure about the presence of this notch on iPhone X Screenshot. While few are expecting to cover the existence of notch, many are doubting it. We should wait for Apple to Ship its iPhone X. It is slated to ship on November 3, for those who pre-booked on October 27. Here are two tweets made by top iOS developers commenting on iPhone X screenshots. 

Tweet 01:

Tweet 02

Method 2: Use Assistive touch to Take a Screenshot on iPhone X

Enable assistive touch to take a screenshot on iPhone X
How do you screenshot on iPhone X? Enable Assistive Touch or use new keys!
  1. Just Enable the Assistive touch functionality from Settings > General>Accessibility.
  2. Add a new button, assign it with Screenshot function.
  3. Now touch the Assistive toucher on a screen you want and choose screenshot option. Don’t worry, the screenshot captured will be free from toucher.


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