How to Flash zip file in TWRP Recovery mode on Android device

how to install zip file in recovery mode on Android

TWRP is the most used recovery in the Android community. An Easy and Simple to operate touch interface is the main reason for its popularity. TWRP may seem confusing or awful in the beginning, but once you are used to it, we promise you that it will be as easy as installing an app on your device. Our detailed article on how to install zip file in recovery mode on Android will guide you in making the things easy. Beginners should know that ‘Install zip file is also termed as ‘Flash zip file‘, which are basically same.

About TWRP recovery:

TWRP can flash zip files to your system storage. Everything from ROM to features on device distributed as zip files to flash called as Flashable zips. So, the first thing is to figure out is what type of zip file, you want to flash. Figuring out the type of zip file, will give you a clarity and make the process pretty simple.

Addon Zip files: Gapps Zip, Su Zip, Xposed Framework…etc

These are additional zip files which provide additional functionalities for the ROM on your device. So, these are flashed up on your existing ROM on your device, without WIPING system partition. Most often, we flash add-on zip files using TWRP recovery, unless you are changing to a new ROM. These zip files include GApps, Xposed Framework, Magisk, Supersu, Flashable boot logos, dm-verity….etc.

ROM Zip files:

ROMs are most important things to boot your device. Users can change the ROMs/ Update to a new build by flashing a new ROM zip. However, make sure that you are flashing a correct ROM zip suitable for your device model. And Always remember, While Flashing a new ROM zip, you must do a Clean flash, by WIPING the entire System partition on the device.

In the case of Installing an Update (new build)  to an Old/existing ROM on your device, you can proceed with Dirty flash, Without WIPING system partition. We recommend you to read this short article to know more about Clean flash and the Dirty flash of Android.

Steps to flash zip files in TWRP Recovery mode on Android:

Now, Get ready with all your files, before proceeding into TWRP and Place your zip files in the root of internal storage(Path:\storage\sdcard). However, users can place them anywhere in the storage, we are considering the aforementioned path for easy access. Now let’s see how to install zip file in recovery mode on Android. (Su zip for rooting your device can be downloaded from Official Chainfire website)

  1. Reboot your device into TWRP Recovery. (use key combinations)
Important Note: SKIP this box, if you are flashing an Add-on Zip.
or In case you are flashing a ROM zip, Consider WIPING your device while installing a new ROM zip accordingly as described above.

how to install zip files in recovery mode on Android

  1. In the main menu and Select Install.
  2. Now navigate to the zip file and Select it.

how to install zip files in recovery mode on Android

  1. Swipe Right, to confirm the flashing of your zip file.
  2. Once done, Select Wipe Cache/Dalvik.
  3. After that, Select ‘Reboot’ option from the main menu and then select system to reboot the device.
    how to install zip files in recovery mode on Android
    Install success

That’s it. You have learned the steps involved in Flashing a zip file. Now you can flash zip files as per your need. Make sure to follow the basics right. By knowing the type of zip file one should get the idea of what type of flash, they should perform. Also, take a TWRP backup of the current working ROM, while flashing a new ROM or zip files. Unfortunately, If something goes wrong, you can revert to working state of your device using this Back-Ups. Please comment below, in case of any queries.


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