How to forward multiple emails in Gmail: 5 steps

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We often use Gmail for our daily use and long distant professional communications. There might be times we need to forward multiple emails to a person. We can forward individually; However, when forwards to be made are in bulk number, then a question pops in; how to do this easily? Yes, there are few no effort ways to forward multiple emails, saving our valuable time. Let’s Quickly get into How to forward multiple emails in Gmail.

#1. Forward Multiple emails in Gmail using Chrome

There are 2 different methods to forward multiple emails in Gmail, let’s see the easy way first. Two extensions are available, and both are equally good. Users can install any one of them on their Chrome web browser. It unfortunate that they are not available as Firefox plugins, hence Chrome is the only option available to make the forwarding multiple Gmails, an easy process with less or no efforts.

Alternative plugin: Email forwarder

  • multi forward for Gmail.
  • multi-email forward for Gmail
Multi Forward for Gmail
Multi Forward for Gmail
Developer: karan173
Price: Free
  1. Open the Chrome web store/ extension store and install any one of the extensions mentioned above.
  2. After, successful installation, grant the extension access to your data.
  3. Now, to forward an email bulk at once, just select the emails you want to forward and then click the new multi-forward button, to the left of the Archive button.
  4. A dialogue window will appear where you can enter the email addresses of recipients.
  5. After clicking the multi-button you have to wait a bit until the dialogue window informs you that your emails have been forwarded.
Forward multiple emails in gmail using Chrome extensions
Forwarding multiple emails in Gmail: Check emails and Click Forward option


Forward multiple emails in gmail using Chrome extensions
Forwarding multiple emails in Gmail: Add emails

#2: Forward Multiple Gmails using filters:

It is a bit manual process and receiver should give you the permission, but this method gives best for automating the forward process when you receive a new email from the specified contacts.

Forward multiple emails in gmail using Gmail filters
Gmail Settings: Add forward email address


forward multiple emails
Forward multiple emails using Gmail Filter
  1. Go to settings >> Forwarding Tab >> Add recipient forward address and also ask him to verify and give the permission.
  2. Now get back and check the emails to forward and tap on ‘Filter messages like these’ from the more options tag.
  3. Fill the Filter screen carefully to forward the selected emails, simply forward all the emails from a selected recipient.
  4. In the final step of filter creation, only tick the forward messages option and then Click done to create the filter.
  5. Repeat the process for any additional email addresses you want to forward messages. It supports only one email recipient at a time.

Hope, everyone got their method. Although these methods are very useful, they still have limitations, the chrome extensions won’t allow you to forward more than 100 emails for the day, as it is against the Google API use and also wont work for Google Apps account.

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  1. Hi, Satya. Thank you for sharing this.
    For the first option, do you confirm that it also has a firefox version?
    I tried searching this to no avail.


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