How to enable one handed keyboard mode on Apple iPhones (iOS)

How to enable one handed keyboard mode on Apple iPhones (iOS)
How to enable one handed keyboard mode on Apple iPhones (iOS)

Apple’s iPhone operating system mainly focuses on the privacy and security. That’s also a reason why many professionals prefer iPhone over Android. Apart from security, Apple never failed to add required features through timely managed iOS updates. The recently released iOS 11 also brought many with redesigned control panel and refined user-interface.

As users are preferring larger displays on their smartphones, Manufacturers are increasing the screen size year after year. But this is making one-handed use tough for the users. While there is one-handed display mode in most Android phones, iPhones didn’t have one.

With new iOS 11; Apple introduced new feature termed as the QuickType keyboard, which is basically the One-handed keyboard. The QuickType keyboard makes the phone single hand manageable, especially if you are an iPhone plus user, where it may be 6, 6s, or 7 plus. Let’s look out How to enable One handed keyboard on Apple iPhones running iOS 11.

Steps to enable one-handed keyboard on iPhones  in iOS 11:

How to enable one handed keyboard mode on Apple iPhones (iOS)
Steps to enable one-handed keyboard mode on iPhones running on iOS 11.
  1. Open any app on your device which can pop out the keyboard. In this case, we are using the native messaging app.
  2. Long press on the smiley symbol on the keyboard and few options will show up.
  3. Choose the variation of single-handed keyboard you want or Keyboard settings.
  4. To exit the one-handed mode, just press the arrow present on the right or left.
  5. If you frequently use the single handed keyboard, users can set it to default in the Keyboard settings.
Keyboard settings in iOS 11
Keyboard Settings on iOS 11.

If you haven’t yet tried One handed keyboard on iOS 11, It will be a very useful function for single-handed iPhone use. Whether you are chatting or noting it will never disappoint you. Also, you don’t need any third party to enable this feature as Apple has integrated into their default Keyboard.


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