How to Download Latest Gapps Zip File for Any Rooted Device.

How to Download and install latest Gapps zip file on any rooted device.
How to Download latest Gapps zip file for any rooted device.

Gapps shortly represent the Google App package. All the Google Apps which comes with the Shipped Android Devices are referred to Gapps. The list of these apps varies from device to device depending on the Manufacturer. In General, they include Google Playstore, Google Chrome, Hangouts, Contacts, Drive, Photos, Play Music, Play Games etc.

Of all these, Google play services and Google playstore are most important and basic requirements. Google Play services manage the sync and other all Google account related activities. Google play store is much needed as a resource to download and install malware free Android apps. So to access on Custom ROMs we need to download latest GApps zip file.

Why and When we require to install Gapps zip file:

Simple, whenever users shift to a new custom ROM they often require to install GApps package. Custom ROMs doesn’t come with Google apps pre-installed so users need to flash them manually. Users can install Gapps zip using TWRP to enable the Google sync and account functionality. Sometimes, Custom ROM users may also need to update their Gapps manually if required.

How to Download latest Gapps zip file for your Android device:

Open Gapps is a resourceful website which provides Gapps for each and every Android device.’It is an Open source project which updates the Gapps regularly. Head over to the Site and take a look. 

How to Download and install latest Gapps zip file on any rooted device.
OpenGapps to download Gapps

If you have observed the website, On Download tab there are three important option to select. Selection of any options which are irrelevant to your device may cause instability and apps failures. So let me guide in the selection process. Follow the below mentioned three steps to Download the latest Gapps zip file for your Android device.

Download and Install latest Gapps zip file

  1. Platform: Install Droid Hardware info app on your Smartphone from playstore.  In processor section of App, the first element called CPU architecture represent the Platform. Now note the architecture code and relate to the table below. Then select the appropriate option on the Gapps website. For more detailed guide read How to get Arm version using Droid Info hardware app.
  General format used         Architecture (Droid Info app)  
ARMARMv7 or armeabi
ARM 64AArch64 or arm64 or arm64-8a
x86x86 or x86abi
  1. Android version: This is a pretty easy step. Go to setting>>About device>>Android version to know the exact version of your device.
  2. Variant: These are different packages with varying Gapps. There is nothing serious to consider, but size matters. Aroma is Ultimate Gapps package with all Google apps which might be around 1GB. Pico is the minute package with only Google play services and Google playstore, suitable for devices with very low internal storage(<8GB).

Now, you have downloaded Latest Gapps Zip for your device, Next How to install the Gapps zip file? Just Flash the Zip file through TWRP recovery. The Same process can be followed for updating the Gapps present in your device. 

Follow the Steps

Transfer the downloaded Gapps zip to device storage >> Reboot into TWRP recvovery>> Install >> Select the Zip >> Flash >> Reboot the system and done.

If you are a beginner and need more details on using TWRP; Read here for a detailed guide to install a zip file using TWRP recovery. For any issues, please comment down.



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