5+ Best Torrent Apps & Fast Torrent Downloaders for Android [2018]

5 Fast & Best Torrent Downloaders for Android; Torrent Apps for 2018
5 Fast & Best Torrent Downloaders for Android; Torrent Apps for 2018

Torrents have become popular among the tight end users. Movies, Music, Softwares, Games, Ebook and almost everything you might need is in the torrent database. The importance of torrents has also led to the rise of many Torrent Apps and Torrent downloaders for Android; themselves differentiating with various features. Here, we have refined out and listed out the Top 5 best torrent downloaders for Android.

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Flud Torrent downloader:

Flud is a simple torrent client without any limits on its features or download speeds in its free version. It provides all essential features like downloading to external storage, auto shutdown, moves the files while downloading, sequential downloading. The best torrent downloader to use if you want to keep the free version. The Ads in the free version are also not too frequent, unlike other torrent Apps. Finally, you only need to pay $1.5 (Rs.99/-) to get rid of those Ads.

Download Flud Torrent downloader

Ttorrent Lite:

The Ttorrent Lite is a super featured and advanced torrent client. It has several numbers of features you can’t even imagine. Noted ones are downloading to sd card or remote storage, proxy settings, adding custom paths, move the files while downloading. You can also limit seeds, peers, download speed, upload speed and there is also an auto shutdown feature. There are many other advanced features, beginners might not use much. For all other extra features and remove Ads, you should consider getting a premium version.

tTorrent Lite - Torrent Client
tTorrent Lite - Torrent Client

Download Ttorrent Lite

BitTorrent & Utorrent :

Except for some difference in their naming, they both are almost same and also from the same team. They provide all features of desktop utorrent client for your Android phone. You need to purchase a premium to remove Ads and to enable certain Auto shutdown and battery saving features. In the end, there is one thing to differentiate i.e. Utorrent offers a green theme whereas Bit torrent App offers Violet shaded theme.

Download BitTorrent for Android

Download Utorrent Android App

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aTorrent downloader:

aTorrent downloader offers a more refined and colourful User interface compared to other torrent downloaders. It has all basic features for torrent downloading, but you will miss on Auto shutdown, other advanced and battery saving features. There is also a pro version if you are interested in premium.

Download aTorrent downloader

Vuze Torrent downloader:

Vuze is one another famous torrent for both PC and Android. It is simple and an alternative torrenting App with all basic necessary features. It is lightweight, but it has cut on all extra features like Auto Shutdown. There is a built-in battery saver, but you need a premium license to get that and to be Ad free.

Download Vuze Torrent downloader

FrostWire Torrent Downloader:

FrostWire App also offers an inbuilt torrent search engine. The search engine is very good with different categories and only offers legal torrents. So don’t be surprised if you didn’t find any popular downloadable materials on Frostwire search. Apart from it, the App itself is a good one to download & schedule torrents. Ads are also not too frequent, but there is also an option to upgrade if you wish to be Ad-free

Download Frostwire

This completes our list of 5+ best torrent downloaders for android. All these Apps are active with regular updates and support to newer android versions. Though they are many desktop clients that support live torrent Streaming, Android Torrent Apps are a bit away from it. Hope any of these gets the live torrent feature in future updates. For any suggestions on our list, please comment below.


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