Everything to know about the TWRP Custom Recovery

TWRP custom recovery

As we explained in our previous Android Class, Recovery is like a mini operating system, which allows us to factory reset the phone in case of emergency. The recovery which comes with our device has limited functionalities for obvious reasons and it only allows factory resetting the device and  flashing of  few files which are signed by the manufacturer of your device. So, Custom Recovery comes into the play here. TWRP Custom Recovery is a well known and most used one by android users. Custom Recoveries developed by third party developers, which has many functionalities which manufacturer prohibited us to do. So a device needs to be bootloader unlocked before installing a custom recovery.

What can we do with a TWRP Custom Recovery?

  1. Allow the users to Flash ROM zip and Add-on zip files.
  2. Can Create Working State Nandroid Backup of ROMs.
  3. Can Easily Factory reset/WIPE the device, if ever needed and much more.
TWRP custom recovery main menu
TWRP custom recovery main menu

What are the Other Custom recoveries available:

In back olden days, there is to be debut between the TWRP and CWM recoveries. Philz is another custom recovery. But now, TWRP has complete upper hand and solely recommended recovery for everyone. Users should manage CWM recovery using power and volume buttons, while TWRP has an easy to manage touch interface.

TWRP also has many additional functions, good looking themes and ported for more devices. Visit official TWRP website and search under devices to know if your device has a ported TWRP recovery image. If not available, it might be under working and you can find the ported Beta versions of TWRP under your device Manufacturer forums or XDA threads.

TWRP custom recovery-download
TWRP custom recovery-download

How to Download & Flash a TWRP custom recovery?

First thing is your device needed to be bootloader unlocked, visit the developer website of your device manufacturer to know how to do that. Next, Download the correct TWRP image for your device, preferably from Official website. under your device section, you can also find the necessary instructions for installing the TWRP recovery on your device. The installations will vary from device to device depending on your device model. In few cases, we may also need to flash additional boot.img files, if mentioned and described in the instructions section. Users should also Download and Setup ADB and fastboot binaries to execute commands.

There also few apps available on playstore which can flash a custom recovery, but they all require root permissions. So it is mandatory to follow the steps mentioned in the TWRP official while flashing and rooting your device for the first time. After that, we can use apps from play store to regularly update or replace custom recovery on your device, as we can have root permissions. we may cover that in a different article. Stay tuned.

TWRP custom recovery-Install-instructions-Moto-E
TWRP custom recovery-Install-instructions-Moto-E





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