How to Enable or Disable Chrome’s default Ad Blocker (All Sites/Site wide)

How to Enable or Disable Chrome’s default Ad Blocker (All Sites/Site wide)
How to Enable or Disable Chrome’s default Ad Blocker (All Sites/Site wide)

These days, many users are using the ad-blockers to protect themselves from intrusive Ads. While there are many Ad blockers and extension to this, recently Google entered with its new Ad-blocking feature on chrome.

Google chrome is the most used browser all across the world by net citizens. And Lot of sites these days run with revenue generated by Ads including ours. But thankfully, Google Chrome is blocking only violated Ads, not all the Ads. From version 56. , the chrome is all set to automatically kick out annoying ads from websites that don’t stick to the Better Ads Standards. These mainly include the Sticky Ads, multiple Ad redirects and Pop-out Ads.

Everyone can disable the chrome’s default Ad blocker either site-wide on certain websites or on all sites. You should disable the Adblocker completely to Allow Ads on All sites which are enabled by default. Alternatively, you can also disable or enable the Ads on a per-site basis.

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How to disable Chrome’s default Adblocker on Certain Websites (Sitewide)

  1. Open any site you want in the Google Chrome.
  2. Now in the address bar at the top left, Click the green padlock or info symbol (Its actually a button).
  3. Next, Tap on the Site Settings.
  4. Scroll down through the options & find Ads option.
  5. Click on the drop-down menu, Choose Allow.
  6. Now, Ads won’t be disabled on that particular site.

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How to disable Chrome’s default Adblocker on All sites (Completely)

Note: The Annoying Ads on Chrome are blocked by default.i.e Ad blocker is enabled by default. We don’t recommend disabling it unless it is causing some problem with other famous chrome Ad blocking extensions like Adblock. If you are only testing with few sites, opt for the above method and disable the Ads sitewide on chrome.

  1. In your Chrome, Open Settings then go to content settings in the privacy settings. Or simply copy paste the URL: chrome://settings/content
  2. From the long list, you can find the Ads options where you can choose whether to disable or allow.
  3. The button works quiet opposite here, For Allowing the Ads and to disable Adblock on chrome you must turn it ‘On’.

Chrome’s new Adblocker is comparable to chromes Adblock extension but it won’t offer you custom settings. Chrome Ad blocker is direct and requires no user interaction unless you want to necessarily disable the Adblocker.

Now with this new feature, chrome became a direct competitor to the current famous and well-known AdBlock. But thinking from its point of view, chrome is giving its users ease of use without needing a separate install. It is also securing the internet users who are without much knowledge of Ad-blocking. Keeping loving Chrome !!!


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