Get Xposed Installer & Xposed Framework for Android [Installation Guide]

[Beta} Install Xposed framework on Android Oreo 8.1/8.0
[Beta} Install Xposed on Oreo 8.1/8.0

Xposed framework and modules are two great things happened to the Android OS. The response they are getting from both developers and audience is overwhelming. The features they are indeed, encouraging many tech-savvy people to root their phone. It is also an alternative for unstable custom ROMs. Instead, with Xposed framework users can any latest Android features just by replacing modules while still staying on stable manufacturer ROM.

Rovo’s contribution to Xposed is invaluable. He was working and providing support to it since 5 years and it was neither his full time nor either his part-time job. He enjoys tinkering with Android and just doing it to help community people. Despite, all his hard work Xposed may contain few bugs and may cause boot loop in rare case. So please have the latest backup of the whole device before proceeding. If you are newbie without knowledge of getting out of boot loop then Xposed is not recommended for you, not even custom ROMs either. Just use your device as it is or Starts with basics on our Android Class and learn these things. (Yes! Custom ROMs also tends to boot loop in few cases!)

Why Xposed on Android?

  • Xposed has a wide community and hundreds of Xposed modules to tweaks your device.
  • Xposed is going to die anytime soon (At least, it is what we are expecting!)
  • Works with minimal efforts.
  • Stay on the Stock android and Enjoy all latest custom tweaks. Say! one last Goodbye to Custom ROMs.


  • A rooted Android device with TWRP custom recovery or any other custom recovery.
  • Xposed Installer APK (Latest version)
  • AOSP based Android ROM.

Will Xposed work on my device?

There is no straight answer to this question. For android versions, Lollipop and Marshmallow, Xposed reported boot loops on Samsung ROMs with TouchWiz UI, EMUI and also Sony ROMs. You must try to get the definite answer. Just make sure you have the latest TWRP or Nandroid Backup and move forward.

For Samsung users on Marshmallow and Lollipop, Follow Guide to Install Xposed on Samsung devices [Marshmallow/Lollipop]

In case, Official Xposed for Nougat. There are very complaints and it is reportedly working on most devices including Samsung. Just make sure you flashed the Dm-verity zip while rooting or flash it before installing the Xposed.

Download Xposed Installer APK:

Xposed Installer is the application which recognizes the Xposed framework to manage the Xposed modules. It can be downloaded as an APK file and should be manually installed (It will not be available in play store).

Once installed, Open the Xposed installer app and it will show you the latest version of Xposed framework available for your device. The Xposed installer can be installed without root permissions, But you cannot install the framework without root and Hence it will not work.

You can download the Xposed Installer from the specific guides attached at the end of the post

Download Xposed Framework:

Xposed Framework is what hooks over the default Android features to provide the additional features when combined with modules, what we called Xposed modules. So, Install to Xposed Framework we need a custom Recovery, preferably TWRP. It can be installed by flashing an appropriate zip from TWRP or using Xposed installer app which will redirect your task to custom recovery.

The Xposed framework will be different for different SDK version, flashing an inappropriate zip file will lead to boot loops, So it is often advised to verify before flashing.

For examples: SDK 21 for Lollipop 5.0+, SDK 22  for Lollipop 5.1 +, SDK 23 for Android Marshmallow 6.0

Here, Follow our specific guides to

To Install Xposed on Lollipop & Marshmallow

How to Install Xposed on your Rooted Lollipop 5.x and Marshmallow 6.x devices.

How to Install Xposed Framework on Samsung devices [Marshmallow/Lollipop].

To Install Xposed on Nougat 7.0 & Nougat 7.1

 How to Install Xposed Framework on Nougat 7.0 and 7.1.

To Install Xposed on Oreo 8.0 & Oreo 8.1

How to Install Xposed Framework on Android Oreo 8.1/8.0

To Install Systemless Xposed using the Magisk

How to Install Systemless Xposed Framework on Android Magisk Root.

Also, Read about 10 Best Xposed modules every Xposed user must try (2018 edition). These detailed guide will help you to Install the Xposed on Android, provided your device has the root access. For any doubts consider commenting down below.


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