Download OG youtube & MicroG APK for Android (microg for OGyt)

5 New & Best Youtube Apps like OG youtube (Alternatives)
5 New & Best Youtube Apps like OG youtube (Alternatives) - 2018

OGyoutube is one best alternative app to replace the youtube app on your Android phone. It comes with many add-on features like background video playing and ability to directly download the videos from the OGyoutube app. Not only videos, It also extracts the audio from videos and users can directly download the audio or music.

Features of OGyoutube for Android:

  • Ability to direct download videos from youtube. Users can choose between the quality and format.
  • Play youtube videos in the background, Picture in Picture mode.
  • Easily Download youtube videos as audio files in mp3 format.
  • Modded youtube without Ads.

Download the latest version of OGyoutube APK & MicroG for OGyt

As OG youtube is a modified apk for official youtube. It may not work fine on few phones and some functions are limited to rooted phones. 

OGyoutube app has different variations for rooted, non-rooted Android phones. For rooted phones it is also available through Xposed modules, users should have Xposed framework installed. Download the appropriate apk from the links provided below. Users should also install MicroG for OGyt along with Ogyoutube for its proper functioning.

Latest versions

Older version v3.5U

Issue: How to resolve OGyoutube stopped working ? or not working?

For the latest version of OGyoutube v3.5, users should download microG APK and install it to resolve the issue. If still, the app doesn’t work then please try the previous version 3.1 or other alternatives for OG youtube App. 

MicroG for OGyoutube (MicroG for OGyt) is a modified Google services project and can be installed over existing play services without any root permissions. Fear not, it is completely safe. In case you are facing any problem with the latest version, then wait for an update. For any doubts or requests, please comment below.



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