[Latest] Download Odin v3.12.10, 3.12.7, 3.12.5 & All Older versions

Download Odin 3.12.10, 3.12.7, 3.12.5, 3.12.3 & All Older versions

Odin is one of the most important flash tools for Samsung smartphone users. It is used to install firmware and TWRP on Samsung phones by unlocking them. It can be also used for Unbrick Samsung devices and resetting the software to the factory. Odin v3.12.10 is the latest version, followed by older versions Odin v3.12.7, 3.12.5, 3.12.3, etc.

We have already covered How to use Odin to flash firmware & TWRP on a Samsung device. The process is almost same every time, but make sure that you are using right Firmware zips and same Odin version of the tutorial that you are following.

The tool itself is official from the Samsung and gets reliable updates. But to increase the success rate we highly advise to use only the same version of ODIN in the tutorial you are following. Download the Odin Full collection following the direct links below.

  • Not suitable to flash Custom ROMs like Lineage OS, CyanogenMod or AOSP as Odin does not support .zip extensions, but only .tar files. So TWRP should also be downloaded in .tar format to flash using Odin.
  • Should Not be used on Non-Samsung devices.
  • Download, Extract the zip and install Odin v3.x.exe file and boom.

Download Latest ODIN v3.12.10, 3.12.7, 3.12.5, 3.12.3 and All older versions [Odin_v3.12.3 to v1.70]

Odin is particularly designed for Samsung Android smartphones to flash stock firmware packages and Install Custom Recoveries like TWRP, CMW for unlocking the phone. It is Compatible with Windows 10/8.1/8, Windows 7 and Windows XP (only older versions).


ODIN Version

Direct Download Link

1.Odin 3.12.10.zip [Latest]Download
2.Odin 3.12.7.zipDownload
3.Odin 3.12.5.zipDownload
9.Odin v3.09.zipDownload
10.Odin v3.07.zipDownload
11.Odin v3.06.zipDownload
12.Odin v3.04.zipDownload
13.Odin v1.86.zipDownload Odin v1.86
14.Odin v1.85.zipDownload Odin v1.85
15.Odin v1.83.zipDownload Odin v1.83
16.Odin v1.82.zipDownload Odin v1.82
17.Odin v1.70.zipDownload Odin v1.70


  • Odin 3.09 is recommended for JellyBean/KitKat firmware
  • Odin v3.10.7 for Lollipop firmware.
  • For flashing Marshmallow firmware – Odin v3.12.5 / v3.12.3 is suggested.
  • For Android Nougat and Oreo firmware – Odin v3.12.7 /v3.12.10 

Users should follow the developer’s guides or devices specific guides to avoid hampering with your devices, as procedure varies from one model to the other. Users should also double check the versions of .tar firmware file before proceeding. Use the developer forums for that.

For any requests or suggestions, please comment below.


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