Download Nokia 8 & Nokia 7 stock wallpapers in Full HD

Nokia 8 & Nokia 7 stock wallpapers
Nokia 8 & Nokia 7 stock wallpapers

Nokia 7 is the company’s latest mid-range smartphone to fill the gaps in between Nokia 5 and Nokia 8. The specs of Nokia 7 are a lot similar to Moto X4 expect the water resistance. Both these phones have stunning looks with Glass blended metal built and can easily attract viewer’s attention.

In the present post, we are as usually providing Nokia 8 & Nokia 7 stock wallpapers for you to download. These are official wallpapers of Nokia 8, that came along with device out-of-box. 

India is not going to get Nokia 7:

The highlights of Nokia 7 include Glass-metal build, Dual cameras and Snapdragon 630 chipset with 6GB of RAM. While many are expecting Nokia 7 to release in India sooner, the HMD Global head during recent Nokia 2 launch confirmed that India is not going to get Nokia 7. He also said that it is specifically tailored for the China smartphone market.

Previously announced, Nokia 8 is a Flagship smartphone was only made into the Indian market. Neither China nor the US got this Model. HMD seems to be switching between the models and countries to overcome the supply constraints. Nevertheless, Nokia 8 is an affordable flagship competing with Oneplus 5 in terms both specs and price. The Snapdragon 835 chipset, up to 6GB Ram, Dual rear camera and stock Android are positives for the Nokia 8.

Official Nokia 8 & Nokia 7 Stock wallpapers:

Nokia got a grand welcome in the smartphone market. The trust in Nokia’s Quality is still alive and also proving out to be beneficial. One more compelling thing about Nokia’s new handsets is their sturdy looks. In the world of metal builds, The HMD is making them stand out with a polycarbonate body. The recent release Nokia 2 is also of this kind.

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