Download Hide It pro app disguised as Audio manager app to hide stuff.

audio manager app-hide it pro

In this digital world, our day begins and ends with the smartphone in our hand, most of the time. It has become integrated part of everyone’s life. Not only part, also a private vault under lock screen. But, lock screen passcode can’t really keep our privacy. The question of Privacy arises when someone asks for our phone and we have an answer for that question in form of Hide it Pro Android app.

The app Hide It Pro – Audio Manager App, one of the best app’s to hide all our personal files on the smartphone.

Download Hide It Pro [Audio Manager App]

Hide It Pro app can hide all your private pictures, audios, videos, messages in a single private vault. It can also hide apps ( only on rooted devices). It has both free (but ad-sponsored) and premium versions.

Audio Manager app is the Actual Hide it Pro, See how!

audio-manager-hide it pro

As soon as you download the app, you will see an Audio manager App. No, Don’t fret and it is not a wrong download. Hide It Pro natively comes disguised as an Audio manager app & makes it a bit harder for someone to know that you are using an app for hiding privacy. All the sliders on the front you see are actually functional and it a part of playing disguise game.

To cross this disguise screen, you just need to press long on the Audio Manager logo on to reach the first configuration step. In the next step up on entering the passcode, you will be presented with vault where all your stuff hides. Users can also change lock screen under settings to make the app look like calculator or currency converter. Also, we recommended you to provide a recovery email ID, to reset the lost password.

The Vault is the place where all the pictures, videos, and also audio files. To hide a particular file, say an image, Go to the Android Gallery, select Share and select Audio manager app (Which is actually Hide It Pro). Users can also create specific folders within the vault to hide the selected items in them.

audio-manager-app-hide it pro

Features of Hide It Pro App for Android:

Hide It Pro app by disguising itself as an audio manager, doesn’t make it the best privacy tool. But, its ability as a single app to hide all your pictures, audio, and video files. Also, its folder organization, sorting and slideshow functionalities are really helpful too. There is also Cloud backup option to Google Drive.

Hide It Pro app comes with support for free plugins that enables you to hide private messages from the default messaging app. There also a VBrowser plugin for Incognito Browsing. Developers are also good at regular updates and bug fixes, they need our support too. Try the app now. It could be a video or image of a drunken night. Privacy is sacrosanct. 


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