Download Android Oreo GApps 8.1/8.0 Zip [All Packs Updated Daily]

Download Android Oreo GApps 8.0/8.1 Zip [All Packages Updated Daily]
Download Android Oreo GApps 8.0/8.1 Zip [All Packages Updated Daily]

It is already well known that Google made the Android Oreo 8.0 Official, back in this August. Recently, Google Pixel devices started receiving Android 8.1 update. With several custom ROM developers working out there it won’t take much time to port the Android 8.1 based ROMs for popular like Nexus series and other older phones. Here, Android Oreo Gapps 8.1 unofficial versions are already out along with official Oreo Gapps 8.0.

In case you looking Latest Android Nougat Gapps or Marshmallow / Lollipop Gapps, follow the links attached.

Gapps Packages comparsion : OpenGApps
Gapps Packages comparison: OpenGApps

Gapps packages vary with size according to Google Apps included. Here is the image differentiating between the various packages and Google Apps present in them. There are also different Oreo 8.0 Gapps zips for Arm, Arm64 & x86 based on processor platform. Don’t forget to choose the appropriate platform between arm, arm64 or x86. (how to choose right platform/processor architecture?). Download the Oreo Gapps 8.1/8.0 with the direct links below.

Download Android Oreo GApps 8.1+

Update on March ’18: 

Android Oreo 8.1 GApps are now available and will be updated daily by Open Gapps. Size remains same as that Gapps 8.0

GApps 8.1 TypePlatform
Pico GApps Pack for Lineage OS 15.1 (Android 8.1)ARM | ARM64 | x86 | x86_64
Nano GApps for Lineage OS 15.1ARM | ARM64 | x86 |  x86_64
Micro GApps 8.0  for Lineage OS 15.1ARM | ARM64 | x86 |  x86_64
Mini GApps for Lineage OS 15.1ARM | ARM64 | x86 |  x86_64
Full GApps for Lineage OS 15.1ARM | ARM64 | x86 |  x86_64
Stock GApps Pack  for Lineage OS 15.1ARM | ARM64 | x86 |  x86_64
Super GApps Pack  for Lineage OS 15.1ARM | ARM64 | x86 |  x86_64
Aroma GApps Pack  for Lineage OS 15.1ARM | ARM64 | x86 |  x86_64


As Android Oreo 8.1 is a recent release, only unofficial Oreo 8.1 Gapps zip’s for Arm64 are only available and they were last updated on 15/12/2017. we will update this space once Gapps 8.1 zips are official. However, the Android Oreo Gapps 8.0 will perfectly work on any Android Oreo 8.1 device.

Pico Pack of Oreo 8.1 Gapps for Arm64 platform – Download

Aroma Pack of Oreo 8.1 Gapps for Arm64 platform – Download

Download Android Oreo Gapps 8.0+

Andriod Oreo GApps 8.0 Package type

Size in MB (Varies by + or – 50 MB)

Device/Processor Platform

Pico Oreo GApps 8.0 Package with only play store and play services. 120 MBARM | ARM64 | x86
Nano Android Oreo GApps Package: Installs play services, playstore and Google search functions.180 MBARM | ARM64 | x86
Micro Oreo 8.0 GApps Package limited to Gmail, Calendar and Google search App. 210 MBARM | ARM64 | x86
Mini Oreo GApps Package: Micro Gapps + few more popular Google Apps350 MBARM | ARM64 | x86
Full Oreo 8.0 GApps Package: Similar to stock, but will not replace stock browser, gallery & few other Apps591 MBARM | ARM64 | x86
Stock Oreo GApps 8.0 Package: All Gapps of Standard stock Android phones720 MBARM | ARM64 | x86
Super Android Oreo GApps Package: Comes with All Gapps that comes with Pixel phones875 MBARM | ARM64 | x86
Aroma Oreo GApps Package: A graphic installer with all Google Apps and that lets you b/w Gapps to install1024 MBARM | ARM64 | x86


Pico, Nano and Micro Gapps are most popular packs because of their low size. Once a user gets the play services and playstore he can easily download other Gapps from play store. So we recommend the same for all our visitors to save on space and time as we hardly use all the Google Apps.


  • Works on Android Oreo 8.0+ running devices
  • Your smartphones should be unlocked in order to flash a zip using custom recoveries like TWRP or CMW.
  • Make Sure you have enough storage space on device internal memory according to your package. For low storage phones, use the Pico Gapps pack which is less than 200MB.

For other Nougat Gapps 7.0/7.1, Marshmallow Gapps 6.0 for Arm, Arm64 and x86…Check Here

How to flash Gapps zip using TWRP recovery?

  1. Download and move the Gapps zip to device storage (internal/external, but remember the path)
  2. Boot into TWRP recovery.
  3. Select the Install option from the main menu of TWRP and select the Gapps zip.
  4. Now swipe through, to flash the zip and it is done.
  5. Now reboot the phone into the system.

Check here for the detailed guide on installing zip file in the TWRP recovery (with Images)

FAQs on Oreo Gapps 8.1/8.0 and Flashing Gapps zip

#1. Credits and Source?

#A. Source of this Gapps 8.0 for Android Oreo: OpenGapps (Will be updated Daily) and Xda for Oreo Gapps 8.1

#2. What happens if I flashed a wrong package by mistake?

#A. You will face errors and play service will force stop. The installer will check the compatibility before flashing and will report if you are flashing the wrong pack.

In many cases, there won’t be any problem during boot. but in rare cases, the phone may be stuck in bootloop. So be cautious.

#3. Google play services/store force stopped unexpectedly or force closing?

#A. It generals happen when flashed with wrong Gapps zip or the particular ROM you are using may require specific Gapps pack (Check for developer thread for any mentions). In few cases, Clearing cache and Allowing all permissions in the App permissions may work. Try your luck.


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