How To Disable Emergency Call Button on Any Android Lockscreen.

How To Disable Emergency Call Button on Any Android Lockscreen.
How To Disable Emergency Call Button on Any Android Lockscreen.

Lockscreen prevents our phone from accidental touches. But what if also creates some problems with emergency call button? Yes, few people are trying to disable Emergency call on Android lock screen (of also iOS). Although not a big issue to deal, Let’s see Why & How?

Getting to problem details, Emergency dialer pop’s out in some instances leading to make an emergency call without our knowledge. Adding that, they are short numbered and also fancies, making the dialling easy for the kids. We hardly use the emergency dialer, so why not disable the emergency call dialer on the Android screen. Android is customizable in many ways and also this way too. Let us quickly get into how to disable the emergency call button on Any Android.

There are two instances based on the condition of your Android phone, Root or No Root. If ever heard the Root in the Android world, then you are Non-rooted user and follow the Method 01. There is a long way to get the root access, If interested you should start with unlocking bootloader, installing custom recovery and flashing xposed. Well, if you are already rooted, you can simply the follow method 02.

Method 01: Disable Emergency Call button on Android without Root

The option of disabling the emergency button is limited when you have an Android device without Root, as Android itself didn’t have that function natively. The only way is by replacing the default Android lock screen with a third party lock screen App with that functionality. Of many Lockscreen available we suggest you go either with Next Lock screen or  As they offer minimalistic and good looking interface.

This is the only method that can help unrooted devices, as they simply can’t root their device just to disable an emergency call button. For more Lockscreen Apps and Alternatives, refer our Top 10 Best Lockscreen Apps For Android.

  1. Before you begin, disable the default lock screen of the Android. You can turn it off by going to Settings >> Lock screen/Security >> Set the Lock screen to None.
  2. Get the Next Lock Screen App from the Google Play and Install it.
  3. Upon Launch, Grant the access permissions required by the app to activate the lock screen and have notification access.
  4. Setup the various customizability options for lock screen and then activate it.
  5. Make sure that, the native Android lock screen is disabled or set to None in the settings or you will have to unlock the device twice.

Method 02: Disable Emergency Call button on Android with Root Access

For rooted Android phones, you can simply install an Xposed module that can disable emergency call button on Android lock screen. The module named “Hide Emergency button on Lockscreen” will do the work for you.

How To Disable Emergency Call Button on Any Android Lockscreen.
Disable Emergency Call Button on Android Lockscreen.

If you are having a rooted device, xposed is not installed the follow our guide according to your Android version.

  1. Before you begin, make sure you have Xposed and it is working fine.
  2. Open the Xposed Installer and in Modules section search for the module
  3. Install and reboot the device to activate the module.
  4. Once the module is active, it will do it part and disable the Emergency button on Lockscreen.

These are a couple of ways you can disable Emergency call button on Android Lockscreen. Unless you really need this, we don’t recommend disabling the Emergency call button as it can help in extreme situations. If you are going to remove the Emergency call button on, please at least keep the Emergency details/Contacts on the lock screen so that can be contacted in case of stolen or lost devices.


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