Control-by-Voice is going to be our next User- Interface.

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Control by Voice is already happening, the next big thing in the world of user interfaces. They also have potential to replace the touch based technology, which is now vastly employed across various smart devices. The rise of Artificial Intelligence has paved the way for the Personal assistants like Google Assistant, Microsoft Cortana, Apple Siri and Amazon Alexa. They have already become a quite popular in smartphones. Relevant companies are also paying special attention by revamping them competitively with timely updates. Also, Fans out there are debating about them comparing the speed and accuracy of their favorite Assistant with the rivals.

Command me! What to do: Control by Voice

As we go stronger with machine learning, what if all other apps get integrated with intelligence? i.e. they understand-What we do? Why did we do? What to talk with us by Recognizing our speech and eventually making decisions for us based on the understanding of our choices and preferences. With a full featured smart assistant, devices are only now understanding or responding to the speech. But what if, it can also further derive at the conclusion and predicts the needs of the individual users based on our previous activities. Yes, They all are going to happen sooner than we think.

We can expect initiation of new startups to deliver voice-enabled cognitive applications that can think, learn, and talk to the users and by 2020 it is estimated that 62% business solutions are going to be powered with Artificial Intelligence for strategies. Starting with this year, every smart device that has an ability to connect with the internet will be upgraded with Smart Al assistants, enabling the voice interface that can simplify the user tasks with voice commands.

Screenshot: Youtube channel – Generation Challenge

Next, comes Holographs

No doubt! Smart learning Assistants will be a next killer feature. What about going still deeper? They are Holographic interfaces, hiding down under the cover. We are near to the future, where 3D images of the caller, keyboard, and videos of skype are projected into space. MIT researchers are taking a giant leap with holographic technology as it evolves as a reality for the consumers. They have also planned to display a holographic image, on-the-fly. In long-term future, all our devices are expected to have a combined holographic-voice interface. Is not that amazing? Share with us in comments


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