[Coc]Download Clash of Clans APK 9.256.4 for Android | Oct.2017 update

[Coc]Download Clash of Clans APK 9.256.4 for Android | Oct.2017 update
Clash of Clans 9.105.10 APK Download | [Coc]Download Clash of Clans APK 9.256.4 for Android | Oct.2017 update

Clash of Clans is one big adventurous game around with millions of players, shortly abbreviated as Coc. In this game, users can build their own village base, train their army with unbelievable fantasy creatures for guarding it and to raid on the opponent villages. Of course, all the wars are for no reason and Just for Fun. That’s what World of Gaming is also Known for. But the game is not simple as one think! It requires a lot of persistence and strategic skills. Also, hundreds of new players joining every day are bringing joy and more warmth to this already interesting game. Here join us to Download Latest [Coc]Clash of Clans APK for Android|Coc APK 9.256.4 – Oct.2017 update

Latest APK of Clash of Clans download for Android:

Team Supercell, the developers behind the Game are regularly releasing the monthly updates to make the game more interesting and free from cheats. Likewise, Coc released the latest update this October, fixing few bugs. Now you can also see the online status of friends and challenge them to a friendly battle. Download Clash of Clans APK v9.26.4 October update from the link provided below.

[Coc]Download Clash of Clans APK 9.256.4 for ANdroid – OCT 2017 update

Looking for Clash of Clans September update? Get it here.

Talking about Builder hall 7 update (Clash of Clans September 2017 update v9.105.10), Supercell introduced new major upgrades for two units: First one, the Giant Cannon defense and the Second, Drop Ship air unit. Also, There are few important algorithm changes to improve the matchmaking between the opponents.

New Defensive Buildings Added with Coc update Sept 2017:

+1 Hidden Tesla, +1 Army Camp, +1 Firecrackers, +4 Wall segments (20 wall pieces each). Along with these defensive structures, all of existing buildings and traps (except Spring Traps) can now be upgraded to Level 7.

Defensive Canon upgrades and Stats | [Coc]Download Clash of Clans APK 9.256.4 for Android | Oct.2017 update
Additional Offensive Upgrades and New stats of All Level 14 troops on Coc Sept Update

In the Builder Hall 7 update. Now, All your Troops be upgraded to level 14, while Battle Machine can be upgraded to level 15. These upgrades also bring few bonuses as follows.

Clash of Clans download for Android- v9.105.10 APK – Zippyshare LinkUsersCLOUD LINK


Dropship upgrades and Stats | [Coc]Download Clash of Clans APK 9.256.4 for Android | Oct.2017 update
We promise that above Apk is official one and was not altered in any way. Although the game itself is free to download, some items like Gems, Gold, and Elixir can be exchanged for real money via In-app purchases. If payment details are saved, few wrong unexpected clicks can cost you money. So to restrict the In-app purchases we insist to set up password protection for in purchases and turn on parental controls on Google Play Store settings.

However, it’s Mainly the Giant Cannon and Dropship are what really makes your Base shine with this Builder hall update! Don’t forget to like us, to Download Coc updates, Also share this article for maximum downloads and keep the links alive.


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