Tuesday, April 23, 2019
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AI programs are ready to memorize the new tasks with Continual Learning!

Artificial Intelligence, AI is changing the way; we are doing the things. It has become a buzz word of the Machine learning technologies. The Deep mind of Google has some of...
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Can smart wearables enhance and adopt the consumer trends?

Smaller the device, the more comfortable it’s becomes to handle. But in contrast to this, people these days are on to the large display smartphones, phablets, tighter bezels-larger aspect ratios. Already, smartwatch...
The true wireless charging from both the ends.

True wireless charging for electronic devices is on the way…

Wireless has become most extensively used word these days. Everything is going wireless and what about Charging of electronic devices?. In this modern world, we maintain a lot of electronic gadgets.  In...

An Outlook into Future Technology and Innovations

After the Internet, Technology was the next best thing happened to our human life. Technology is rapidly changing with the time and making a new product, old within a matter of months....

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