Tuesday, April 23, 2019

How IoT is going to connect every possible device?

IoT is not an idea of the 21st century. First IoT reference was in 1982 when researchers at Carnegie Mellon University developed the world’s first IoT-enabled Coke Machine. Internet of things...
Is the future of technology is all about AI, AR, & VR ?

Is the future of technology is all about AI, AR, & VR ?

Already 2017 got a vast number of technology breakthroughs, completely changing the way we live and work. Virtual Reality has made a comeback with some spit and polish. Virtual Assistants are...

Connected Drones are emerging as mini-Robots, to do physically daunting tasks.

The small, but smart copters are grabbing a lot of attention these days with their portability and physical mobility. In our future well-connected world, their prominence is more than what we...
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Electric aircraft’s are aiming to make Air travel affordable and emission free

Done with Electric Cars! Now is time to reinvent air travel! Boeing's Horizon X innovation cell and JetBlue Technology Ventures are backing up few start-ups to revolutionize the regional air travel. Zunum...

Autonomated Drones by Amazon Prime Air are going to deliver our future online orders.

Amazon has first attempted its drone delivery, about a year ago in the UK and it is betting big on automated drones. Amazon air prime is a delivery service to its...
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5G is readying for forth Industrial revolution..!

5G is expected to deploy by 2020. Even though this next generation network standard does not technically exist yet, it is creating a lot of buzz around the world. It was...

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