Thursday, January 17, 2019
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Technology is helping Cyber threats, in their equal evolution with Cyber security!

With Cyber Security going mainstream, Cyber threats are not so far. Cyber threats are also evolving equally in the underground. Fifty years ago organisations and companies did not conduct business on...
The Technology behind Dual Camera phones Explained: Is Two better than one?

The Technology behind Dual Camera phones Explained: Is Two better than one?

When it comes to mobile photography, it is hard to expect them to perform as Digital Cameras. Smartphones have a limited real-estate of Space for internal components and as a result,...

Autonomated Drones by Amazon Prime Air are going to deliver our future online orders.

Amazon has first attempted its drone delivery, about a year ago in the UK and it is betting big on automated drones. Amazon air prime is a delivery service to its...
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Can smart wearables enhance and adopt the consumer trends?

Smaller the device, the more comfortable it’s becomes to handle. But in contrast to this, people these days are on to the large display smartphones, phablets, tighter bezels-larger aspect ratios. Already, smartwatch...

Connected Drones are emerging as mini-Robots, to do physically daunting tasks.

The small, but smart copters are grabbing a lot of attention these days with their portability and physical mobility. In our future well-connected world, their prominence is more than what we...

Can the Smartphones with 18:9 Aspect Ratio Screens, dominate in 2018? Find out!

Back in this year, Era of New Aspect ratios has begun! LG took the initiation of this new aspect ratios with its LG G6. Soon, Samsung followed with its infinity display...

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