Sunday, February 18, 2018
Smartphone user experience

Is it time to move onto Smartphone user experience? Breaking the specs war.

It seems top manufacturers now are changing their trends of specs competition and moving into experience zone. This is not a new thing and Since their first release, Apple is well-known...
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Control-by-Voice is going to be our next User- Interface.

Control by Voice is already happening, the next big thing in the world of user interfaces. They also have potential to replace the touch based technology, which is now vastly employed...
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How the Internet is going to turn the things around in the upcoming decade?

The Internet is going to turn the many heads, out there in the coming decade. It’s around 50 years since the World Wide Web happened. It transformed fast into our lives, becoming...
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Technology is helping Cyber threats, in their equal evolution with Cyber security!

With Cyber Security going mainstream, Cyber threats are not so far. Cyber threats are also evolving equally in the underground. Fifty years ago organisations and companies did not conduct business on...

Can the Smartphones with 18:9 Aspect Ratio Screens, dominate in 2018? Find out!

Back in this year, Era of New Aspect ratios has begun! LG took the initiation of this new aspect ratios with its LG G6. Soon, Samsung followed with its infinity display...

How IoT is going to connect every possible device?

IoT is not an idea of the 21st century. First IoT reference was in 1982 when researchers at Carnegie Mellon University developed the world’s first IoT-enabled Coke Machine. Internet of things...

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