Friday, December 14, 2018

What are Bootloader and Recovery on your Android Device

Bootloader and recovery are two essential components of an Operating System. They let you gain control over an operating system. Hence they are hidden by default and a common user rarely...

What actually is Android User Interface (UI)?

Have you ever compared the way they look, in between two different apps? Ah wait, no need for comparison, have you ever felt like some particular app looking good? For example,...

What are Android ROMs/Kernels ?

ROM's: ROM refers to Read Only Memory Chip of the device. It is complete system image of the device. It has components like Operating system and Core apps. These are important for...

How to get Developer Options to enable USB debugging/OEM unlock on Android

Welcome to our Beginners Guide on Android, How to enable Developer Options, USB debugging and OEM unlock on any Android device. Some times we might require to enable the above-mentioned options...

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