7 Best Windows 10 & Windows 8 Launchers for Android with Tiled UI [2018]

Best Windows Launchers for Android
Best Windows 10 & Windows 8 Launchers for Android | Tiled launchers

Earlier this year, Microsoft called for the death of Windows Phone 8.1 mobile OS. Oh! Still, there is Windows Phone 10,  but it is barely considerable and less than 1% of world’s operating systems. Android is leading the list with more than 85%, backed by iOS. Still, Few may like the Tiled interface of Windows phone. No regrets! As it is the only thing to appreciate and differentiate in the Windows mobile OS. Unfortunately, It is unable to serve the openness, that led Android successful.

Back to the topic! Users can still get the Windows Phone’s tiled interface using the launchers on their Android devices. If you are the one of those who likes the Windows tiled UI then lets together dive into the latest post; Best Windows 10 & Windows 8 launchers for Android phones.

Quick list of Best Windows 10 & Windows 8 Launchers for Android

  1. SquareHome 2: Windows style
  2. Win 10 Launcher
  3. Metro UI Launcher 10
  4. 8.1 Metro Look Launcher
  5. Windows launcher 8
  6. Computer Launcher
  7. Launcher 10

Best Windows 10 & Windows 8 Launchers for Android:

#1 SquareHome 2:

SquareHome 2 is a Windows-style launcher with the Windows 10’s tiled UI. It is the simple and quick windows launcher with plenty of customizations. This launcher brings the Tile styled home screen with a smart app drawer. The smart app drawer sort the apps in the order of their usage. The app supports vertical and horizontal scrolling from page to page in both smartphones and Tablets.

Download SquareHome 2 Launcher

Best Windows Launchers for Android | Windows 10 launchers 2018
Best Windows 10 launchers for Android 2018

#2 Win 10 Launcher :

Win 10 launcher is the latest entry created based on the Windows 10. Within very short span, it crossed over a million downloads and rated over 4.1. It will layer your android device with a unique theme of Windows 10.

Download Win 10 Launcher

#3 8.1 Metro Look Launcher:

The Metro look is a Windows 8.1 launcher and can be considered as next version of Windows launcher 8. It provides a wide array of customizations that are available in standard customizable Android launchers

  • Ability to hide and lock apps with a passcode.
  • A wide array of themes, control center, and faster search.

Download 8.1 Metro Look Launcher

#4 Metro UI launcher 10:

Metro UI launcher 10 is a Windows 10 launcher for Android. It is the latest and updated version of Older Metro UI launcher 8. It has a lot of Windows 8 desktop functionalities and quick search bar, but the free version has time restrictions. All the settings will be cleared to defaults in 5 minutes for the free version. But a good option if your willing to get a pro version.

Download Metro UI launcher 10

Best Windows Launchers for Android | Windows 10 launchers 2018
Best Windows 8 Launchers for Android | Windows 10 launchers 2018

#5 Windows launcher 8:

One of the oldest launchers, providing the tiled interface for their users. It masquerades your Android phone into windows look. Windows launcher 8 is also fast, clean and you won’t face any problems using it. It is also the most popular windows launcher on play store with 5 million downloads, but a bit out-dated one.

Download Windows launcher 8

Metro UI – Best Windows 8 Launchers for Android phones

#6 Computer Launcher:

The computer launcher is the most versatile one in this group. Unlike other launchers, it directly brings the PC styled File Explorer and Desktop on your Android smartphone. If you are fond of Windows PC or Bored with same interfaces then this launcher is a must try for you.

Download Computer Launcher

Best Windows 10 Tiled launchers for Android

#7 Launcher 10:

The Launcher 10 is the most recent and simple on the list. We can also see the AOSP touch in some menus, while the home screen is tiled like windows phone. It is less than 3 MB in size with over half million downloads and 4.1 user rating on the play store.

Download Launcher 10

These are best windows 10 & Windows 8 launchers for Andriod. Still, Confused and not sure which one to try? I recommend you to start with SqaureHome 2 as it is clutter free, simple and smooth! For any recommendations, consider commenting down below.


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