5 Best Free Unlimited VPN for Android to Stay Secure & Unblock sites

5 Best Free Unlimited VPN for Android to Stay Secure & Unblock sites
5 Best & Free Unlimited VPN - Android Apps.

VPN is used to solve the privacy issues.  The main purpose of VPN is to secure the information and user privacy by creating a local private network. But it’s not only the need we are using it for. They also unblock the blocked sites, apps and change your location virtually. Moreover, they also free & many apps providing Free Unlimited VPN for Android devices. Why staying unsecured?

Why use VPN on Free Public Wi-Fi?

In this Internet world, not every Public Wi-Fi is safe. Public Wi-Fi at cafes, railway stations are not encrypted for ease of access, leaving them prone to vulnerable attacks. So, It never safe to submit a password/login using a public Wi-Fi. 

How to unblock the restricted websites at public, school & college Wi-Fi?

Not everyone may be able to access a website in the same manner. For example, Netflix content varies with location. Similarly, few sites are blocked in few countries as they are violating their country or provider terms. Also, Several Apps, browsers and even google use our locations to track and provide the relevant results.

Check out our list of Best Free Unlimited VPN for Android to Stay Secure & Unblock sites. Single App servers both the purposes.

Best Free Unlimited VPN Apps for Android - master vpn
Free VPN Master App for Android to Stay Secure & Unblock sites
  • VPN Proxy Master-Free security

VPN Proxy Master offers the free unlimited VPN for android phones to bypass blocked sites & Apps, watch online video, secure the public WiFi hotspots and to browse anonymous & private. It provides a high-speed and encrypted VPN connection.

Download VPN Proxy Master

  • Turbo VPN – Free Unlimited VPN for Android

Turbo VPN is also an unlimited free VPN solution for Android users. It requires no registration and can be used directly with one touch on installation. It is fast enough with stable servers.

Download Turbo VPN

  • Hola Free VPN Proxy

    Hola - Free Unlimited VPN for Android
    Free VPN App for Android to Stay Secure & Unblock sites – Hola Android App

Hola is a peer-to-peer Free VPN proxy service available for free. It works by sharing idle resources of its users to create a more open Web. It also lets you access sites blocked in our network through peer to peer network and also reduces the data usage.

Download Hola VPN

  • Touch VPN -Free Unlimited VPN Proxy & WiFi Privacy

Touch VPN provides the automatic Wi-Fi privacy settings along with free unlimited VPN Proxy for Android. The apps automatically encrypt the connection whenever your device gets connected to an unsecured public WiFi.

Download Touch VPN

  • Opera Free VPN – Unlimited VPN


Opera VPN is comparatively new among these apps and offers one of the best free Unlimited VPN for Android with reliable speed. If connected, It also encrypts your free public Wi-Fi connection to stay secured.

Download Opera VPN

  • Phisphon: Free VPN & Unblock blocked sites

It lets you tune you the whole device to easily access the unrestricted apps and blocked websites. Though it provides free unlimited VPN services, the speed is limited to 2 MBPS in the free version. Users should subscribe to their premium version to get unrestricted maximum speed. It’s good alternative to unblocks almost any website with the free version.

These are Best Free Unlimited VPN for Android to Stay secure & unblock sites. Although many free VPN apps are available, many of them are not unlimited. For any suggestions, please comment below.


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