10 Best Free MP3 Downloader Apps for Android & MP3 WebSites.

10 Best Free MP3 Downloader Apps for Android & MP3 WebSites.
10 Best Free MP3 Downloader Apps for Android & MP3 WebSites.

Search Engines often helps the users in picking the right music and downloading it in MP3. The main advantage of MP3 music, it can be played whenever needed, without an internet connection. Not only sites, there are few Apps that lets you download free legal music. We researched a bit and listed out 10+ Best Free MP3 downloader Apps for Android & Websites for Free music.

Music/Songs are the vital part of life whether for entertainment or to workout. With the modern way to music streaming, it has become much difficult to get the songs offline without a subscription. Without offline availability, we can’t access the songs when wanted. To combat this issue, using our old method of storing the songs in MP3 format is a remarkable solution. While you can find the songs or film individually using search engines, there are Free MP3 downloader Apps for Android & also few Websites to directly search and download the MP3 songs. But if you are not ready to lose out on comforts of streaming & availability? Plans for some music providing Apps like Saavn, Wynk are cheap. So Check if they are in-line with usage.

With little efforts of searching, you can actually download the music you want in mp3 format. Also, there are hundreds of MP3 music player Apps with customizations and equalizers to suit your needs. Let’s get to the list of Top 10 Best Free MP3 downloader Apps for Android. Many of these not on playstore, so availability is not guaranteed.

Music Downloader Apps for Android with free trials:

Google play music: Trail varies by region from 1 to 3 months.

Wynk music: 1 month, Completely Free for Indian Airtel users.

Napster, Gaana: 1 Month Free trial & almost all music-on-demand services free trial

Saavn: 1 month free trial and 1 month at Rs 1/-

Hungama: Free for Xiaomi Redmi users, partnered for 1-2 years.

Jio Music: (India Users) Free With Jio Suite of Apps with Jio SIM subscription.

Top 10 Best Free MP3 downloader Apps for Android

# Songily:

The Songily App is a new App, it will search and download from Youtube and other free legal music sites. The App requires no subscriptions nor it has any fee to use. There is also a pro version of this App, Songily Pro. The Pro version is also free and but it should be installed from its website, as it not on playstore. Music Quality you get will be mixed, so you must be specific while choosing the download to get the high-quality music.

Download Songily

# Vidmate:

This is primarily a video downloader App. But if you observed it deep you will also find a Music Tab. Search on this Tab gives you the results for Latest music and you can also stream them from search results. You can also download and bring them offline as you download videos. This is by far best video and mp3 download App. It easy to use and gets regular updates. This App is not on playstore and should be downloaded & installed independently.

Download Vidmate


Youtube has already become the best primary source for music. Google also released the Youtube Red subscriptions keep that in the mind. But how about listening to the Youtube Music for free without any subscriptions. You can do that by using iTunes Android App. Additional features of App includes Video downloading and background playing.

Download iTube – http://itubeandroid.com/

# ADM:

This is also not a direct audio download App. ADM is download manager which comes with various search options for music, videos & files. To download the music, just move over to music tab and search for your music. State the search terms explicitly for best search results. Once you get your desired track, downloading it a simple task to go.

Download ADM

# Free music for Youtube Stream:

This is free youtube music player and also smart one! It offers you smart recommendations as you go on using with time. The App gives access to All free youtube music playlists and videos. You can also search your favourite artists, albums & genres. There is also a floating pop-up player to play while multitasking. There is no-inbuilt download option available for the songs. But you can copy the link and use any youtube to mp3 downloader to get the mp3 from it.

Download Free music Youtube

# Audiomack:

Audiomack is a music service, offering free offline downloads. You can enjoy thousands of songs without paying for a subscription. The App comes with display Ads and to remove the Ads you must pay the fee of 1.99/month which is low when compared to other streaming services. Or you can continue without paying for displaying Ads which is quite acceptable.

Download AudioMack

# 4shared:

4shared is public file sharing service where you can find millions of downloads from various genres. There is a separate tab to search the files you are looking for, from videos, music, APKs, images etc. Once you get the desired ones you can directly download them. In case of MP3 songs, you can also stream them. But you won’t get all the latest stuff, good to find the old resources.

Download 4shared

# Frostwire:

Much similar to 4shared, FrostWire is torrent downloader offering thousands of legal content. You can search using their search functions and filters. Once you complete the search, you can add them to torrent downloads. One main con is you won’t be able to find the latest downloads using the FrostWire.

Download Frostwire

These are free Mp3 downloader Apps for Android you will come across on playstore. Apart from aforementioned ones, there are few other Apps which you should download independently. With fast changing of Android versions, these Apps & functionality are not guaranteed to work on all Android devices but you can try them installing the APK

Simple MP3 Downloader

Using the Simple MP3 Downloader App, you can search and download hundreds of MP3 songs directly to the Android device. Just Use the Search tab present in App to search out for the Song you are looking for. You can type in the Song, Album or artist name.  The search function also has auto-completion features to suggests possible songs as type the name.

Download: Simple MP3 downloader APK

Music Download Paradise:

Music Download Paradise is a music search engine and works similar to MP3 Music Download. It lets you search out any audio file, from sound effects, background scores, ringtones and Songs. Once you got the desired ones, then you can download them. You will lot of free songs to download, but remember that, many songs are protected by copyright laws.

Download: APK

Gtunes Music Downloader:

The Gtunes App is a Music downloader App. It is relatively is old APK with not so good fashioned UI. The App shows the list of Top charts like USA Billboard charts, UK singles chart, iTunes chart, Chinese and English Music.

Download Gtunes Music

SuperCloud MP3 Downloader:

SuperCloud MP3 Downloader App lets you download the Songs from Soundcloud as MP3. You need the Soundcloud link to the Song or Podcast you want to download as mp3. Once you copy paste the link and the Mp3 downloader will do the rest.

Download: APK

Free Mp3 download Websites:

An alternative to the Free MP3 downloader Apps, you can also download the Mp3 using the external sites. You need a youtube link or Soundcloud link of the song to download, in case of Soundcloud downloaders. In case of search engines, you should search and discover the song.

Soundcloud Downloader: Xposed Module

You can also use Soundcloud downloader Xposed module to get the songs directly from the sound cloud. But you need a rooted device to download & use the Soundcloud downloader Xposed module.



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