Top 10 Best Free Caller ID Apps for Android : Truecaller Alternatives

Top 10 Best Free Caller ID Apps for Android : Truecaller Alternatives
Top 10 Best Free Caller ID Apps for Android : Truecaller Alternatives

With the increase of Spam Calls & Messages from Unknown numbers and telemarketers, Caller ID Apps become important now. These Apps are also providing many added features dialers, call & messaging filtering and more. So, we have got a quick list 10 Best Free Caller ID Apps for Android.

For Unknown/new numbers, Caller ID Apps helps us in knowing the name of person/company. So that we can decide whether to attend or decline a call and same follows for messaging. With improved features, now most Caller ID Apps are allowing to block the numbers if they are often spamming with calls or unwanted messages. Actually, there are many such Apps available on both iOS and Android. Point to Note is they require an internet connection to work and identify the unknown numbers. Just Compare yourself using our list on Top 10 Best Free Caller ID Apps for Android and choose a best suitable one for you.

Top 10 Best Free Caller ID Apps For Android


Truecaller ID is the most used among the Best Free Caller ID Apps for Android & iOS. It is one of the foremost players and offers advanced search offerings. It also lets you to automatically identify unknown callers and block unwanted calls. But, Users can also manually search using numbers or name. It also comes with an inbuilt Call and message blocker and a TrueDialer add-on to replace your default phone dialer. Recently, It is updated with a feature to backup contacts and SMS.

The App is free to use, but the App pop-ups and Ads can be annoying sometimes. There is also a premium offering to be Adfree, Advanced search features and to get the complete profile of search results.

Download Truecaller

Since Truecaller has received few privacy concerns when allegedly placed on the list of banned Apps on army personnel. So if you are not sure on using it, there are many Truecaller Alternative Caller ID Apps to try and we listed them below.

read about, how to remove your name/profile on Truecaller

Mr Number:

Mr.Number is one of the best free caller ID apps for Android without Ads. Now, The App is in the Fourth iteration and hence called Mr Number 4.0. The App identifies the unknown numbers from both calls and messages. There are also a call and message blocking, and automated spam filtering features. It offers pure Android like Materialistic Interface and will be Nice to use. Being Ad free is with All features make its best Ad free alternative for the Truecaller App. Mr.Number is used by more than 10 million people and has a good 4+ rating.

Download Mr Number


Whoscall is another amazing and Free Caller Id App to serve your purpose. It has the Call identifying and Text message protection. It automatically identifies and warns you when to get a call/message from a new number, not in your contact list. There is also blocking to block unwanted specific numbers and spam filtering features for both call and messages. It also has a special offline Caller Identification feature with a small download. Meaning, you will also use it offline without the Internet.

Download Whoscall

Hiya: (formerly called WhitePages Caller Id)

Hiya is the new name of the former WhitePages caller ID App for Android. It offers Materialistic and clean interface when compared to Truecaller. It is one best free Caller Id Apps and a Truecaller alternative with the Call blocking and Calls screening features. But you will miss the Message Spam block feature and dialer of Truecaller. It also identifies unknown callers in real-time with an Internet connection. Moreover, This app is completely Ad free and will be very simplistic in terms of popup and navigations. It is used by more than 10 million users and rated at 4.4 in play store.

Download Hiya


How about using or replacing your default contact App with a Smart contacts App. Contacts+ has inbuilt Caller ID, Call/SMS Block, Secure Contacts Backup, themes, Android Wear support and other amazing features. But it is not Ad-free and you will find Ads annoying on long-term use. So, It is best Caller Id App for Android, if you consider going premium. It is also downloaded more than 10 million times and has 4+ overall users rating.

Download Contacts+

DU Caller ID:

You might have already heard of DU Apps. They have few popular Battery saving and Phone cleaning Apps and also a launcher. Indeed, they also came with Caller ID with all basic detecting and advanced call blocking features. You might find Ads a little bit more, but still a great Caller ID Alternative for Truecaller.

Du Caller ID

CallApp Caller ID:

CallApp Caller ID is also a popular Caller ID App for Android.  As similar to aforementioned Apps, this one has identity and call blocking features. Its interface is fairly good to quick use. You also get Addon features like Dialer, Address book, Automatic Call Recorder. But it not free and displays Ads to compensate their services.

Download CallApp


Caller Identification App (CIA) is another caller id app and present for a long time. It has all basic call identifications and call/message blocking features. But it is overshadowed by latest Apps and little known due to not so attractive interface. CIA App has Real-time Caller ID, Smart Call Actions, Muting, Call Blocking and Spam Filtering features.

Download CIA


Showcaller is one more Caller id app for android, resembling True caller in many ways. You can easily identify the unknown callers, block unwanted messages/calls using the App. There is a real-time number identifier to get the numbers while typing. There is also an offline number database to get the details of certain phone numbers even if you don’t have an internet connection. The App is merely a mimic of Truecaller in terms of looks and features.

Download Showcaller

Calls Blacklist:

Calls blacklist is popular Call and SMS filtering App. but it also has Caller ID function and it is best for users to maintain call blocking features. This App has advanced Call and SMS blocking options like blocking calls/messages from certain countries, starting with certain numbers etc.

Download Calls Blacklist

Should I Answer:

Should I Answer is extremely lightweight and best Caller ID App for minimal resource Smartphones? It offers an extremely light interface and completely Ad free services. This App is simplistic in nature and hanging low on device resources. Will good replacement, if you have an old phone with Low Memory and Storage. The App won’t show you the name of unknown numbers but will rate them on spam score. There is advanced call blocking features to block unsolicited calls and spam.

Download Should I Answer

All these 10 Best Free Caller Id Apps for Android has almost same Call identification features to filter unsolicited calls. But, They differ in Message blocking features to filter useful SMS and block unwanted messages from annoying telemarketers. They also differ in their User interface and Ad-free offerings. Hope our list of Top 10 Best Caller ID Apps served your purpose.


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