Best E-wallets in India for Android-2018 | Top Digital wallets

Best E-wallets in India for Android-2018 | Top Digital wallets
Best E-wallets in India for Android-2018 | Top Digital wallets

Digital E-Wallets in India are seeing a huge rage. Using Mobile wallets, one can easily recharge any phone, pay landline bills, Gas and Electricity. This list is not ending here, We also book Movie tickets online, Pay at Domino’s and other major Pizza stores, restaurants and much more. All you need is a credit/debit card/internet banking enabled bank account/virtual payment address in case of UPI payments. It is just easy as that and No more waiting in Long queues outsides any office.

While there are many digital/e- wallets in India, many users are not sure which one to use. We are here, providing Best E-Wallets in India for Android Smartphone users.

  • Usually, e-wallets have a transaction limit of 10,000 to 20,000 per month which varies depending on the wallet. After the limit users can upgrade their account by submitting their documents and identity proofs to increase their limit.

Best E-wallets in India for Android users: Mobile & Digital wallets

  • Phone Pe:

    Phone pe although is a relatively new player, It has some exciting offers and features available. Phone pe also has the support for UPI payments, so users can directly transfer or receive from the Bank account. Using the PhonePe app, users can recharge, pay bills and shop at major online stores like Flipkart and Myntra.

Tez is new mobile wallet app launched by Google. It supports both UPI and Card transfer. It has unique feature of Near transfer without even use of Mobile number. Both users should turn on Tez. As it is new, Tez is providing Scratch cards for every transaction.

Download Tez wallet

Still need more? Next Apps on our list of Best E-wallets in India for Android:


  1. You can also try Puut Wallet app it is a leather wallet replacement application that is primary aiming at helping users get rid of their cumbersome big fat leather wallet by mobilising its content in a way that is seamless, secure and social; while also providing a gateway for service providers, banks, merchants and governments to provision it.


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