Top 10 Best Animation Apps for Android to make 3D Cartoon Animations


Social Media turned the world in different directions. Funny doodles, Memes, Videos, Animations has now become trendy with the rise of social media. Going Back 2-3 years, we need a high-end computer or dedicated graphics to create worthy animations. However, Smartphones are their processing power has improved a lot and are in competition with Pc level processor. Their Graphics (GPU) are not either left behind, making them a perfect option to make in handy animations. App developers are also in trend recognizing the needs and flooded with many Animations Apps for Android.

You may not need much technical knowledge, All you need is some uplifting creativity on part of storytelling. Then, Apps will take from there and will do the rest. Here, choose from the Top 10 Best Animation Apps for Android and Start making your Storyboards right on your pocket device.

Top 10 Best Animation Apps For Android

  • FlipaClip:

FlipaClip is a modern Flipbook type Animator with frame by frame processing tools. It is most popular and Best Android Animator with more than 10 million downloads, rated at 4.3. You can show your creative ideas with sketching, animations and building storyboards. The tools are intuitive can speed up the work you are doing. A large screen or a Note with pen support will make the things ease. The App also has support for Samsung Pressure sensitive Spen.

Download FlipaClip

  • Toontastic 3D:

The Toontastic is easy to use, for Kids to express their creative ideas and improve story narration skills. It is easily one of the best 3d Animations Apps for Android smartphones with wonderful looking looks and 3d effects. It can also record your voice and play behind for the video. Kids or Professionals, fun or Video game designs; This Apps has a large set of built-in powerful digital tools. The App itself is free and also featured in the list of 2017 Google play awards.

Download Toontastic 3D

  • Animate It:

A professional Animation App for game designers, Animation learners and storyboard artists. It is better having some prior animation knowledge for using this App. Or Watch few tutorials and you can start right with making Animations. It also lets to create Anime character easily and handy powerful tools for learning students and developers.

Download Animate It

  • PicsArt Animator

Photo editor from the PicsArt is one popular App among photo editing tools for Android. PicsArt Animator is no less than that among the Best Android Animation Apps. You can create simple animations, cartoons, GIFs, Memes and get them to the life on Android smartphone itself. You might need some time to get used to this tools and then after you can create simple animations with ease. It has drawing tools, frames, stickers for assisting you in the creation of Animations you want.

Download PicsArt Animator

Stop Motion Studio:

The Stop Motion Studio is an All in One & One Best Animation App for Android to make the short Stop Action videos. When kept in the right hands, it very powerful tool to create fun and professional animations. It has overlay feature to gain control over the frame to frame precise editing. It also comes with A grid mode to make the position of animated objects, Automatic frame capture, Zoom options, reverse playback and adjustable interval for Auto frame capture.

  • Support up to Full HD videos, Themes to Add movie titles and text cards – Over 20 types.
  • Import your own photos to change the backgrounds of scenes.
  • Image Editor and paint tools to Colorize your movie, Magic eraser to erase unwanted parts
  • Get a secondary camera and get connected using WI-FI as a Remote Camera.
  • Rotoscoping: A feature to Import video clips and then create animations by painting over it.

Download Stop Motion Studio

  • Stick Nodes:

Stick Nodes is a powerful and excellent stickman animation app for beginners. It is created in  2014, especially for smartphones. You can create your own stickman animation movies and can export them to GIFs and MP4. It also has a ommunity for helpouts and there are lots of tutorial videos on Youtube. Just search for ‘Stick Nodes tutorials’ and you can learn from them.

  • Automatic frame-tweening and moves for smoothening animations.
  • Adding personalized sound effects to your animations.
  • Thousands of pre-available stick figure from the community.
  • Unlimited possibilities and variety of shapes, gradients and colors.

Download StickNodes

  • Stick Fighter:

Stick Fighter allows you to create stick man stories using frame-by-frame animation editor, all with your fingers. The Good thing is you can make the things working with very little knowledge, thanks to its thin buttoned interface. You can also add weapons and items to your stick man using stickers or add-ons like Sword, bow, Axe, arrow etc. Then you can adjust them to match your size, style and colour.

Download Stick Fighter

  • Draw a Cartoon 2:

Using Draw a Cartoon 2, you can discover many exciting ways to express your creative Arts. It will make the process of making cartoons look easy, with its large toolbox. There is also a character constructor to help you out in making the new characters from scratch. You can on Keyframes manually.  There are many embedded libraries of items and characters if don’t have much time to make one. There is also an option to voice over the cartoons before exporting them a Videos or GIFs.

Download Draw a Cartoon 2

  • Draw your Game

Drawing your game brings a unique style to create fun games. It clubs the creative Art and gaming part using it App. With Draw your game, you can make a funny and creative game using touchscreen and fingers. Then play your game as the App brings the life to your creative part. A creative tool to make the turn your thoughts into Games on Go. Have a look at the video below to get a clear visual idea about the App.


Download Draw your Game

  • StickDraw Animation maker:

StickDraw is super easy to use motion Animator App to create simple animations by Drawing with your fingers.  Further, you can edit them by moving frame to frame. You don’t heavy anime characters, but you can make stick figure in a couple of steps and use them for stop-motion animations. A great Animation App to get a quick-stick storytelling animation running as you want in seconds.

Download StickDraw

  • Animatic Inkboard:

The animatic is a new Animation App in the list and getting a very positive response from the users. It may not have large users base but still, a useful App to make basic animations. It also lets you draw doodles and funny cartoon and can be exported externally to Short videos and GIFs.

Download Animatic

Many of many Apps stated above have full-fledged features to create your own 3d animations. Contrast to heavy animations, Nowadays the simple stickman animations are attracting a lot of views. They are also comparatively easy to create on the smartphones, especially if you don’t have prior experience. So, if you are a newbie get started with the stick figure animations. We hope our list of 10 Best Animation Apps for Android helped you in choosing a suitable 3d Animation creation Application for your purpose. For any suggestions, please comment below.


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