7 Best AOSP based Light & Fastest Android Launchers for 2018

7 Best AOSP based Light & Fastest Android Launchers
7 Best AOSP based Light & Fastest Android Launchers

While there are hundreds of custom launchers in the Google play store, many users still prefer the Stock or AOSP launchers as they are fast and quick. The stock launchers are also free from bloatware making them better for having a cleaner home screen.The third-party custom launchers are no less than great, but primarily for the customization.With the addition of themes and add-ons, they can become memory hogs, slowing down the phone and also draining the battery in few cases.(Not all, there are some excellent launchers to maintain customization and performance! Check them)

The slight impact on performance is more visible on the low end and budget Android phones due to their limited availability of RAM. So, for Slow Android phones with 2GB Ram or less we recommend using any AOSP launcher.

We have listed out some AOSP based fastest Android O launchers. With the release of Android 8.0 Oreo, many new AOSP launchers have emerged. Many of these are based on Android O with all new pixel home screen and shortcut features. Pick out the fastest Android launcher which suits your device.

Short List of fastest Android Launchers for 2018

  1. ASAP launcher
  2. Apex launcher
  3. Evie launcher
  4. O launcher – Pixel UI
  5. Oreo UI for Android
  6. Lawnchair launcher (Beta)
  7. Launcher 3

Don’t get the list wrong!  Nova & Action launchers are quite fast and are already covered on Best Android launchers for 2018. This list is specially meant for low storage and slow running mobiles. Fastest launchers for slow Android phones to be exact! But we can’t deny the fact that stock launchers are best suited for any phone.

Light & fastest Android launchers

#1. ASAP launcher:

The ASAP launcher is a stock android based light and one of the fastest android launchers with quick shortcuts menu. It is primarily built for speed and with minimal customizable settings. Still, Its home screen is handsome enough to compete with other launchers out there.

“A Unique and Speedy launcher for performance”

Download ASAP launcher

ASAP launcher
ASAP launcher

#2. Apex launcher:

Apex launcher is been for a long time and it unique android launcher. Within its small size of around 3 MB, it offers stock android look with an array of manageable settings. It is the fast and you don’t need to compromise on home screen customization options either.

“A Superlight launcher and Customizable Home screen ”

Download Apex launcher

Apex Launcher
Apex Launcher

#3. Evie launcher:

Evie launcher is light and super fast launcher but missed on our best android launchers list with limited customization options. It gives you pixel launcher look on home screen and iOS feel on the search screen. It is rated over 4.3 on the play store with 10 million downloads.

“Evie is Light & Super Fast Launcher to improve performance”

Download Evie launcher

Evie launcher
Evie launcher

#4. Oreo UI for Android:

The Oreo UI lays a Ported Pixel interface over your device and one fastest Android O launcher. It adds few Android Oreo abilities like pop-up notifications, new setting menu etc. It is the best alternative if ported pixel launcher is not working on your device.

  • Works without No Root access, on almost any android version.
  • Supports quick shortcuts, App notifications pop-up, third-party icon packs, edit the App names and hide Apps, change icons to Pixel style.
  • Get the Android Oreo’s Standard design of Settings menu & Easter eggs
  • Users can use other launchers while keeping the “Settings menu” from Oreo UI

“A great Alternative to Ported OREO Pixel Launcher”

Download Oreo UI for Android

Oreo UI launcher
Oreo UI launcher

#5. O launcher – Pixel UI

Similar to Oreo UI, O launcher also provides few Pixel features.The O launcher is the updated version of previous N launcher. It is the latest app with all possible Android Oreo’s UI features for a common user to experience Oreo or pixel-like features on their budget smartphone.

“An Another Android Oreo launcher with Pixel UI”

Download O launcher with Pixel UI

#6. Lawnchair launcher:

The Lawnchair launcher is an unreleased open source project built based on latest pixel launcher. It is still in beta mode and already crossed 1 million downloads. The main focus of this lawnchair launcher is to bring the pixel launcher features to other users as soon as possible with customization options.

“Lawnchair is a customizable Pixel launcher”

Download Lawnchair launcher

Lawnchair launcher
Lawnchair launcher

#7. Launcher 3

The launcher 3 of Android is AOSP based on Nougat. It is a bit outdated but still a decent alternative. The app is last updated in April and at this point in time, future updates are still doubtful. If updated, it can become one of the lightest and fastest launchers of Android.

“AOSP based Fast Android Launcher still in Nougat”

Download Launcher 3

These are lightest and fastest android launchers for slow phones. Not only low end, these AOSP based launchers can be the best fit for any Android device. They only use optimal resources of your smartphone extending the performance and battery life. For any suggestions, please comment below.


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