Android Smartphone Processors, Which Brand you should go for? Various Ranges compared.

Smartphone processors and brands
Smartphone processors and brands

Performance is crucial for any smartphone for lag free user experience. Many users select their smartphone based on the internal processor, but some may not have enough knowledge regarding which processor can satisfy their needs, so they simply go with a brand name. We here to help them, giving a fundamental outlook of Smartphone Processors, comparing various available brands.

Smartphone Processors and Brands:

Qualcomm is the largest supplier of smartphone processors, followed by Samsung’s Exynos and MediaTek. Kirin is the in-house processor exclusively for Huawei smartphones. The Spreadtrum processor is more frequently seen in entry level smartphones below 5k with limited performance. Recently Xiaomi also designed its own processor named Surge S1.

But it is not about the brand of the processor; Every brand has different processors ranging from low end to high end. So Ultimately it was user choice which processor brand should he/she select. For your easy understandings and conclusions, we compared and arranged the various processors in following equivalent groups, based on their performance.



QualcommMediaTekSamsung’s ExynosHuawei Kirin

Snapdragon 200 series

MT 65xx and 67xxExynos 3xxx and 5xxx range
 Mid-range/Upper Mid-range

Snapdragon 400 & 600 series

Helio P rangeExynos 7xxx rangeKirin 6xx range

Snapdragon 800 series

Helio X rangeExynos 8xxx rangeKirin 9xx range


Basic and low-end Samrtphone processors:

This range of processors can accept basics tasks like calls, Messaging, lite and basic games, browsing…etc. Also, these have a slight advantage of battery life over other range.

Mid range Samrtphone processor:

More users lie in this range; These range processors can accept tasks like occasional graphic intense gaming, editing of photos and videos, streaming, along with basic all functions. These processors will have a good balance between performance and battery life.

High-end/Flagship Smartphone processors:

These have top notch and latest features. These are suitable for savvy users who often play intense graphic games, stream or cast high-quality videos, perform high-quality editings of their photos and videos. They come with added advantages like high transfer rates, modern manufacturing processes, the latest version of Bluetooth and WI-FI internals.

After all, model numbers can only give us a basic idea. For more in-depth comparison, we should compare no.of cores, types of cores and manufacturing process of various range. Follow our next article for in-depth comparisons of smartphone processors.

In General, Snapdragon Processors are considered to be superior to MediaTek. This was due to the availability of kernel sources for Snapdragon processors. Kernel Sources are responsible for the development of Custom ROMs and Mods. Kernel sources for Exynos and Kirin are also available officially, making development process easy.

If you are a tech geek or In other words, if you are interested in Unlocking, Rooting and Modding your  Android Smartphone then you should go with Snapdragon Processor Brand, then followed by Exynos and Kirin. Or else Processor Brand will not matter much, Just choose a suitable range of processor for you from the list above.Follow our Tag Android Class for more useful and basics related to Android.



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