Smartphone Specifications and Factors to consider when buying an Android Smartphone.

Smartphone specifications
Smartphone specifications

India is the third largest smartphone market after China and US. If you are gadget follower, you will see a couple of new smartphones releases every month. Also, gone are the days using the same phone for years. Now on average, users tend to change their smartphone every year. If not, at-least once in two years. So keeping up to date on latest market releases is important for choosing the best device available. But, there are few smartphone specifications and factors to consider. So now let us look into the basic Smartphone specifications and factors to consider being an average smartphone user.

Processor and RAM:

It is the first thing to look at and most important one. The day to day smartphone performance varies with the range of processors. Most of the times a mid range chipset can suffice an average smartphone user. A minimum of 2GB RAM is recommended nowadays.


Most of the time we look into smartphone display while using it, so we should look out for an excellent display. A 720p HD display is minimum recommended and a 1080p Full HD will be an eye feast for most of the users out there. While Super AMOLED and AMOLED Display gives more vibrant and natural colors, But still LCD displays are Good and manageable.

Battery Life:

Nothing needs to be explained, we all know how important it is. If you don’t know, Ask a travel head and he can explain you in Detail 🙂  A minimum of 3000 mAh battery is recommended these days. Of course, Fast charging and USB type-c are an added advantages you can get.

Body and Built:

A metal built can give a premium look to the smartphone. But the same is easily prone to dents and scratches. we have seen a lot of manufacturers employing metal built in the mid-range segment.  A carbonate body surrounded with a metal frame is still a good buy in the entry level segment around Rs 6000/- ($100).

4G and VoLTE Support:

With all major operators providing 4G services, now 4G and  VoLTE support have become one of the most important things to consider. VoLTE allows the making of the Voice calls using the 4G connection, providing HD call quality.

Software and UI:

A Hardware becomes Useless without a reliable Software. A clean Android can be easy to use, But modified or layered UI is not bad either. The layered UI’s provides some additional customization options for the users, but at some cost of optimization. While the Optimization of modified UI will be on-par with the Stock Android, but it is still acceptable for an average user.


While Finger Print Sensor is still optional, it will make the device unlocking faster and easier. Expandable storage is also an important option to consider if you store a lot of files locally on the device. Other mandatory features include Bluetooth, Dual sim, Headphone jack…etc.  

Although there are many other things like wireless charging, Glass built, Water resistance, Iris scanners which are still limited to the premium segment. Companies may take few years to cut down the costs of these things to the mid range segments. Follow our Tag Android Class for more useful and basics related to Android.



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