Top 10 Best Youtube like Alternatives to OG youtube Android App [2018]

5 New & Best Youtube Apps like OG youtube (Alternatives)
5 New & Best Youtube Apps like OG youtube (Alternatives) - 2018

Youtube is the most popular video streaming site with millions of daily uploads. When it comes to official Youtube App for Android, its functionality is limited in terms of background play and video downloads. While we are providing alternatives to OG youtube, we want to remind you that OG youtube itself is a really great alternative to the original Youtube app. If you ever tried it before, download the OG youtube from here.

Let’s get into our topic, Best alternatives to OG youtube for your Android phone. While most of the apps similar features to that of OG youtube, few may have some extra features and few have lesser features. we included the App based on all features similar to the OG youtube, not only its video download ability.

If downloading Videos is your first priority then read our Best Android Apps to Download any video from Any site online. Below are Top 10 Best OG youtube like Android apps.

5 New & Best Youtube Apps like OG youtube (Alternatives) - 2018
Top 10 Best Youtube Apps like OG youtube (Alternatives) – 2018

10 New & Best Alternatives to OG YouTube:

# NewPipe:

NewPipe is the best alternative Android app to the OG YouTube and it is our all-time favourite. It also has a built-in youtube music functionality, which is a part of Youtube Red. It allows you to play the audio and video in the background using the pop-up mode. You can also choose between various video and audio qualities available for download.

It not available on Google play store: Download from the Official site and the Apk is completely safe. Download NewPipe Apk.

# iTube:

You also won’t find this iTube App from the Playstore. This App offers you to download Youtube Videos, Listen to Youtube Music which is a youtube Red feature. Another feature is its ability to skip the Ads before the Youtube Videos. This App also comes with a background video player. With all features included this App also serves as one of the best Alternatives to OGyoutube.

Download the iTube App –

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Videoder allows to Download videos from over 50+ sites. The lists include videos from sites like youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Hotstar, Voot, VK. Many other sites are also under tests to be added to the App. Additional features of App include converting to Mp3, 4K support, batch downloading, Audio tag editor, App theming.

Download the Videoder App –

# Floating Tube:

As the name implies, it has a floating window feature something similar to Picture in Picture mode of Android Oreo. Videos can be played in the background. Alternatively, you can them play with any other apps using the PIP mode. This app provides a better way to multitask with a floating youtube window.

# Shuffly:

Shuffly is another app with some interesting features like it will ask for your interests and stream random videos of your choice as the name says, it will shuffle the video which you may like and stream it.

Apart from this, Shuffly can also play videos in the pop-up mode and have all other features that are present in OGYouTube.

# Play Tube / Flytube:

Play tube can stream videos and audios in the background. An added benefit of the app is that you can create your own playlists or you can reorder upcoming videos.It also supports Youtube music, Have it a try.

Play Tube
Play Tube
Developer: MusixTube
Price: Free

# Vidmate:

Vidmate is most popular video downloader out there, but it wont give to feel of using Youtube App. The Interface of App look like clumsy. But it is good alternative to download the youtube videos.

Download the Vidmate APK using this link.


The Tubemate App is popular video streaming and downloading App like Vidmate. It supports more than 20+ video streaming platforms to download videos. There is also an option to download the mp3 directly from the videos. You should download and Install the App manually.

Download Tubemate APK


Snaptube is another video download App and offers different UI. It lets you download any video from 20+ video platform like youtube, facebook, Instagram, Dailymotion and more.  The App is also not available in the play store, you should source the APK file form third party sites like or

Download the latest version of Snaptube APK

#FVD Tube:

FvdTube is another Web and Android video downloading App. It makes easy to download the millions of videos, TV series, and more. You can easily download from webApp by simply copy paste of youtube Url. In the FVD-tube Android App, You can see the download button while playing particular video or song. You can also get mp3 extracted easily.

Download FVD Tube –

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# Float tube – Video player:

Besides acting as Youtube player, Float tube has an extra feature you need. Using this app, you can also play local videos present on your device in the Pop-up mode a.k.a Picture in picture mode. The pop-up window is resizable and can be used with any other app.

Float Tube Video Player
Float Tube Video Player
Developer: Aureola
Price: Free+

These are 10 best alternatives to OG YouTube Android App, available now. There are many other apps with similar features and functionality. But these provide overall better performance and features. If you feel like we are missing out on an app, please comment below.


  1. Hi, thanks for the info. Do these apps replace ogyoutube on my device, can I still use ogyoutube if I download one of these?

  2. Hey came here due to of YouTube being dead.

    I like new pipe but I can’t sign in.

    I use YouTube vanced , it skips ads and can sign in but can’t download stuff.

    Pick ur poisob


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